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    Hey everyone,

    I’ve been on a Prior Khyber split for the last 3 years and it’s been a great board, and I’ll definitely keep it.
    However, I’ve really been wanting something more playful and have been looking at the AMF since I’ve been happy with my current Prior.

    I don’t ride switch all the time but I want to more and more. I don’t do a lot of freestyle inbounds but I do see myself pushing that direction more and more.

    wanted to get some opinions though on some other similar boards you might recommend. so..whatcha think?


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    Never been on a Prior but I hear good things. My pow / soft boot split is a Arbor Abacus and I love it. One of the more playful boards I’ve been on. Very poppy off the tail, which I like. Rides and lands switch great, just lean back and butter it.

    I like hard boots and Venture boards for big steep lines, but for pow and pillow laps the Arbor is probably as good as it gets for me.

    My :twocents:

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    thanks jefe, I’ve never ridden any of the Arbor boards but I’ve always like them, maybe I’ll look into them a little more.

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    BCRider did a pretty good review of the Abacus a year or two ago, check it out it’s pretty insightful. Good luck!

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    +1 on the Arbor Abacus. I have found it very playful and fun in the powder. You just need to bounce it a little bit and it will pop pretty easily.

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    I liked the Prior BC, so I would imagine the AMF is a good one. a twin rockered 160ish should sort you out. Try the Helix/Zelix…It rode solid and was a hard charger…proper bc booters and backcountry lines, but dislikes shitty resort groomers.

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    Burton Spliff. 148. Yep 148cm. I’m 6 ft 180 size 11 shoe. I ride my Spliff in all conditions. Deep Pow to bulletproof
    Always with a full pack
    If you want something playful then do it right. Dave Downing is the Man on this design and He basically got rid of all the excess surface area you don’t need but think you do
    Do a visual compairison on other boards Now doesn’t that 148 scream sports car ride ???

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