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    First night outside Valley of Fire SP, campgrounds were full but I will definitely be back to further explore this beautiful area just outside Vegas

    Good to have friends in high places, second night in Midway UT

    Very impressed with the Grand Tetons just outside Jackson. Pretty sure there are a few lines up there 😀

    Third night along the shores of Jackson Lake just inside the Grand Teton SP. I don’t go anywhere without my Weber Q100 😀

    There she blows, finally made it into Yellowstone

    Where’s my Bratwurst!

    Saw just about every animal possible other than a Griz, that may have been a good thing :thumpsup:

    Fourth night just outside Mammoth Hot Springs, someone should have warned me about the gravel trucks

    Working on my camera skills 😉

    Much quieter just outside Gardiner, matter of fact we were the only ones in the entire campground!

    These guys are everywhere, nutts!!!

    Yellowstone’s version of the Grand Canyon, very nice!

    The man himself, Will of Spark R&D

    My first accent on a splitboard, love it!

    I think the dogs had almost as much fun riding down as myself

    Ended the trip at Chico Hot Springs and started bombing home Sunday after the wedding. What an amazing trip, seven states in nine days and more beauty and untouched wilderness that I could ever relate. Thanks everyone for all the advise and big thanks to Will for taking me up Bridger Bowl and popping my splitboard cherry :thumpsup:

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    Glad you enjoyed your time here! Thanks for sharing the photos.


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    Cool Trip Mark. Glad you got some time on a splitty. And glad you have the sense to squeeze in some splitting with Will.

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    I am planning a similar trip in February. My cousin lives up in Bozeman and was figuring I could make a Yosemite/Utah trip out of it. Thanks for trying it out for me.

    I am sure we will meet soon.

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    Haha. Sick trip Mark, and it was great to have you stop by our place in Midway. Fantastic pictures as well. Too funny to stumble on this post as I make my transition from the surf to the snow (and my first splitboard). It’s something else up here in “God’s Country” and we hope to see you and Heather again. Next time, may you come in the winter, and may the pow be deep! Take care.

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