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    Looks like its going to snow this weekend. Most of my usual partners are going up to Pear lake ( be careful guys)

    I dont have a partner for saturday. Can go anywhere in the L.A basin, Or anywhere along 395

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    Saturday only? I have to wait and see how work pans out…

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    Most likely one day Tommy. Im still nursing a bad ankle and dont want to mess up the trip to the PNW party

    Dude, I thought you were going to pear lake

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    Local conditions are spring and if the weatherman is correct(yeah right) things will be firm. If I were you, I’d try Angeles Crest around Mt. Watermen. I may soften up there if the sun comes out. If you wanted to take one for the team, check out Galena Pk. near Forest Falls(closer to SD). Has some great coolie potential, just needs to be probed.

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    so far so good, probably down for Saturday…Spook?????

    we shoud check out Independence peak maybe…or ????

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    My weekend just opened right up so if this is a go I’d be stoked to join. I’ve ridden with swanny, jershka, and holbyco quite a few times (and SDmarkus at echo lake splitfest), but you are part of the SoCal tribe I haven’t hooked up with yet.

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    Ill call you tommy tonight. lets do it. Silver, Ill pm you

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    did you guys make it up there this weekend? devon and i did table mountain, same route as last weekend with the clinic. it was deep. and getting deeeeeper. yay!

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