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    I finally accomplished the only goal that I can remember having set. Lisa Falls, south face of Twin Peaks in the Wasatch Mountain Range. This was my fourth attempt at this line finally slaying the beast. Myself and one other buddy reached the summit around 12:30, luckily the temps and cloud-cover held out for us, making the conditions close to ideal. The down route took almost as long as the up, there was a total of four rappels including one 60+ footer right down a gushing waterfall. Damn good time. :doobie:

    This is the line taken from across the way.

    Behold, a lady…

    Daybreak, it was rough traveling up that minefield

    Looking South towards the Pfeiferhorn

    Looking at what we had in store for our descent

    Lovebirds, Cindi and ZG

    My buddy Mark, making the push to the summit of Twin Peaks, 11,328′

    Mark traversing the saddle

    Turns from the top, homeboy’s gotta bum knee. He smokes the mormon version of crack.

    Looking South with Coalpit being the ominous looking headwall in the background.

    More turns; the belly of the beast

    One of Lisa’s “Falls”

    And the video, top to bottom (pardon the gangsta rap, it came on in my car at 3:45 in the morning, I just had to jam it :rock:)



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    nice job man. that is a proud line for sure.

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    Nice pics! Crazy seeing a huge city right below epic lines

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    Damn Alecs that’s some epic shit. That line must of slid filling in the lower section recently cause I was looking at that not to long ago and there wasn’t even snow in the lower section. That gets :thumbsup: :thumbsup: SICK!

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    Thanks guys, definitely an adventure of a lifetime. Took about 14 hours round-trip!

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