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    Such a good thing is never meant to last.  That is what I keep telling myself.  I also told myself I would not go to Muir either.  Something about the circus that scares me.  Maybe it’s the carnie folks?

    Finally discharged from physical therapy, I was eager to see how my leg would do while skinning.  It would be the first time since my Shasta trip at the end of May.  What better place than Muir.  Easy, straight forward, weather window, all the ducks were in a row.

    Kyle showed up around a quarter after 4.  After a quick stop at the post office, gas at Safeway and a failed attempt to purchase Guiness we worked our way down Meridian.  By 6:20am we were sliding, literally into a parking space.  Slick roads after Longmire made for a slower than usual drive but at least the gate was open.  Another bonus was that we would be able to skin from the lot.  Not bad for October.  After Kyle made some adjustments to his splitboard we were finally off by 7.

    How can one ever get tired of these?  Alpenglow from Paradise, Mt. Rainier – Oct. 5th, 2007

    Boy oh boy has the snow been piling up.  Majority of the trail signs were nearly buried.  The clear night and mid twenties temps fossilized the surface beneath the few inches of blow’er.  The feeling of skinning felt foreign to my legs.  It felt good knowing that the weight was on my feet and not my pack.  Ah, but I would speak to soon…

    Kyle setting the boot pack up the winter route.  Panorama Pt., Mt. Rainier – Oct. 5th, 2007

    Towards the top, a dusting of white hid the bubbly ice beneath.  While vigoriously kicking steps I was briefly reminded of bumble-bee soccer when I was a grom.  All kids from both teams surrounding the ball and kicking out of control at anything that moved or was in your way.  Hmmm…shin guards.  Hmmm…watch your step.  Once on top off Pan Pt a short break ensued.

    Guess which way the wind was blowing??  Panorama Pt., Mt. Rainier – Oct. 5th, 2007

    Kyle and I started skinning again from here.  The snow varied in depth from a few inches on wind sculpted ice to 2ft of blow’er.  Eventually the sun started to cook our precious so an effort was made to put on the head phones and put one foot in front of the other.  I kept telling myself this is for the exercise in preperation for what’s to come. I have to get back into shape. The mirage formely known as Muir would appear to be getting closer as I topped each roll.  Who was I fooling but myself.  At 11:30 Kyle and I reached an abandoned Camp Muir.

    Muir Nat’l Forest.  Camp Muir, Mt. Rainier – Oct. 5th, 2007

    Mt. St. Helens burping.  Camp Muir, Mt. Rainier – Oct. 5th, 2007

    Scott, Matt (Kuharicm) and Joe (Snow Bell).  Camp Muir, Mt. Rainier – Oct. 5th, 2007

    After eating and relaxing it was time to seek our reward before the sun did too much damage.  3,000ft of goodness stretched out for miles before we arrive at cloud city.  It was ridiculous for October.  The Muir terrain park was open with lips, hips, cornices, and all sorts of wind loaded/sculpted features.  I would lose myself a couple of times. Taking pictures was hard cause you just wanted to open up and let go. I’d turn around and say where did everyone go?

    Scott showing the pow no mercy and heading for the terrain park.  Muir Snowfield, Mt. Rainier – Oct. 5th, 2007

    Kyle setting up for his first body shot of the year.  Muir natural terrain park, Mt. Rainier – Oct. 5th, 2007

    Even Joe wanted in on some of the action with this nice little hip to tranny.

    On the way down I ended up bumping into Amar, rnbfish, Hippystix and a slew of others, possible tayers, anxious to sample the goods.  Hope it was as good for you as it was for us!

    Eventually all good things come to an end.  Once below Pebble Creek the clouds blew in, the light grew flat and the snow turned to the dark side.  Soon the snow started to fall.  Visiblity was fuzzy and you couldn’t make out terrain features. Riding by brail. Descending Pan Pt was interesting.  Lots of wet slide activity, debris, big rocks and small mandatory airs lookers left of the winter route.  It was a good test for my already tired legs.  Next time I’ll send Kyle down first.  Kyle and I were able to ride down to the lot without doing any real damage to our bases.  It was nice to meet and slide with you Scott, Joe and Matt.  Kyle didn’t your mother tell you not to pick up hitchhikers.

    The End.


    DAMN….. that looks tasty for October!

    Puff Nattie

    Beautiful pics, beautiful pow. Another sweet TR. Careful with that knee-you have a whole season ahead of you. Plus, I need someone to get me to the top of shasta-damn it. 😉 I love the pic w/the orange glow, skinning above the clouds. sickie.


    Ooh,that sequence looks like fun.

    He was gettin all barreled,like,whooaaa,then he dragged his knuckles all up in it,like,baaaahh!!



    Sweet report snoslut. Must be nice to be startin’ so early. Looks awesome. 8)

    Love the cloud deck pics and have been there, done that on the failed Guinness purchases in the early AM. 🙁

    The sequence is hot too! Coulda been mag material if you hadn’t hit it first. 😉

    Its hard to give your friends dibs though all the time when playing photog….


    Mag material, really? Thanks!

    Its hard to draw the line and play that game of give or take. Being out of it for most of the summer I just wanted to ride. Going to Kyle’s to see how his picks of me slashing the lip turned out from above. Now that you mention it I could have positioned myself better to get the mountain in the background. Amazing what you can learn after its said and done. I’ve got alot to learn about photography.

    More of a reason for you to come up here for a NW session! I could house a couple people at my pad. Plus many more in my yard. I got a heated pool too!


    very nice!




    sweet glorious october! nice pics thanks for the stoke!


    GRRRRRRRRR…ok this is just not fair. Now I am really crabby…thanks for the SICK stoke…lucky bastards!


    Wyomingsplit_ride think your crabby…I’ll trade you some powder for a good leg.

    My original plan was to go to Baker, but knowing what that route entails, me leg said no. Grumble, grumble, grumble…

    After seeing the slaughter I should have gone anyways but its still early and better, deeper days are to come. You just wait and see…



    Sickter!!! I hate you so much, nah, that looks like so much fun!!! Early season Schralping with sooper sick slashes just makes me feel nice and fuzzy on the inside!!!! We should be getting our share here in the Rockies in the next few days, I just hope we can find some turns like you had. Great work, the stoke level is UP!

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