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    I have been using an Osprey Kode 38 pack for 5-6 years and am looking for a smaller, lighter, minimalist pack for day trips.

    I have been looking at packs from Hyperlite, I have their Daybreak pack for hiking and the quality is outstanding. I was considering one of their 2400 series packs for splitboarding, the issue is that they only offer it with an A-frame style ski carry option. While it would fit a splitboard in touring mode, I realize it’s more ideal to have a versatile pack that allows for both A-frame/split carrying and vertical/solid.

    What is everyone’s opinion on using a pack that only allows the A-frame carry? When you are bootpacking up terrain, I know it is best to have your board put together in ride mode so that that you minimize the risk of fumbling around to put it together once you top out. It seems like some of the more minimalist options are designed for ski’s only and won’t carry a board in solid mode.

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    I think both carry options are important in a bc snowboard pack. I typically like to carry in a frame because it sits closer to your body and has better wind resistance. But having a normal board strap option is good for short carries or if the bootpack is short or the top out platform is sketchy.

    I haven’t kept up on newer packs, but my kode 20 is pretty light. Dueter and Jones packs are heavier but are well designed and constructed IMO.

    DIY custom board straps is always an option.

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    I have also found that the light weight packs do not have good ride mode board carry systems. Fortunately, I haven’t found it to be a major problem.

    I have been using the Mammut 20 and 30l Light and Ultralight RAS airbags. I also picked up the 20 and 30l Light and Ultralight Spindrift models for very low avy danger days. The 20 liter Spindrift Ultralight doesn’t even have a way to carry my board so it is for days I know I will only be skinning.

    The airbags are essentially diagonal carry only. They can A frame, but the airbag will not work properly. I can put a board in ride mode on the 30L Light RAS with a Voile strap. I do not remember right now if I can get a board on the 20 liter airbag pack in ride mode.

    I rarely encounter an issue not being able to put a board on my pack in ride mode, as it is my least favorite carry mode anyway. The times I would climb with a board on my pack in ride mode is if I was topping out in a lot of wind with no shelter or if I was climbing something steep and might have to turn around part way up. Even in that situation, it is pretty easy to transition on relatively steep terrain as long as it is not really firm.

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    Horizontal-carry is an option on most packs by placing the board between your body and your pack through the shoulder straps. It has limitations and attention needs to be paid where the edge contacts the shoulder strap, but it works good in a pinch.

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    Jones Minimalist is a 2lb pack that can carry both configurations. I’ve been happy with mine.

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    Just received the A`tyx Alpha FL45 climber pack, after recommendation from my F&L ski touring friends. Its very minimalistic and weighs in at only 680g/1.5lbs. Good tooling attachments. Just enough attachment loops for DIY A-carry, so can let you know how it works out when Ive got a chance to test it.

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    Ive been using the Atyx FL45 pack several times now for splitboarding and summer mountaineering.

    -Just enough outer strops/loops to fit crampons, two ice axes and A/H-carry for the splitboard when split.

    -One big compartment (in addition to the small one in front) so things can “get lost” in there.

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