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    Can anyone recommend some LIGHTWEIGHT strap bindings?

    I hope it’s possible to keep the TOTAL gear weight within 1 lb of a comparable set-up with lightweight AT boots and step-ins.

    Background Why:
    *Board – Viole split decision free ride 66
    *Boots – Old K3s but just upgraded to Sportiva Trango Ice Evo because they are LIGHT (< 4lbs, so about 1lb less than AT boots) and I use them for alpine climbing, mixed, snow, ice, rock and want to keep my step in crampons.
    *Why – Obviously I want to continue to ride with strap bindings and my strange choice of mountaineering boots (hey – that’s how I learned) rather than switch to step-ins and lightweight AT boots and/or snowboarding boots.

    So any good strap bindings that are within 1-2lbs of step-ins? LIGHTWEIGHT is key.

    Please help!
    Thanks in advance.

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    I’ve been looking around for some new bindings. I’ve seen XTC aluminum bindings for under a $100 on ebay. They claim to be light and easy to use. Anyone have any experience with XTC bindings?

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    Most expensive, some of the Burton carbon stuff. I had the older CFX’s, but they seemed a bit brittle. (broke highback adjustment, older style cheap plastic strap/ratchet setup. The newer P1’s, C16’s, and C60’s are supposed to be much stronger and still very light, with improved straps and ratchets. Hope so for that price.

    Ride is my choice, as it’s always been more durable. Aluminum base, cored out on the higher end models, bomber metal ratches and straps, limited moving parts with easy on hill repairability if needed. (not needed yet).

    Models to look at are the Ride ‘Flight’ series, Tomcat is a hair lighter than the Mig. Both are stripped down of extra bells and whistles and just solid/light. The new ’06 SPI’s are pretty light too, slightly more adjustable than flight series, but not quite as light as them. The “Team” binding is lighter than it used to be, most adjustable, most comfortable, but a hair heavier.

    I have last years migs, trying to grab a pair of tomcats now… Have 4 year old “Teams” on my everyday resort board, and until just recently had a 10 year old pair of Ride’s Preston EX’s on my split… Original plastic straps got brittle over the years, but everthing else was bomber..

    Took a quick look at those XTC’s on ebay, and they will be light, but they seem to use a cheaper strap/ratchet setup that may or may not be something you’d want to trust. I picked up some similar no-name alum bindings off eaby a couple years ago and basically stripped them for all but the aluminum baseplate, then used better straps and highbacks from some of my other bindings to build something light and strong.

    Damn, I need to learn how to post shorter replies..

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Thanks, knees. I searched all over the net to find beta on XTCs but have found nothing. I’m not willing to pay less to get something I know nothing about.

    I’ll look into the Ride’s. Thanks again.

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    I waited to weigh in on this, I used ride’s last season this year I went w/ burton missions, and they have treated me well so far. they claim to be the one of the lightest in the burton line, my only complaint is that compared to my ride’s were much more narrow which allowed for easier access to the slider pins, with the burton bindings baseplate, being wider, snow, sadly is not your friend. Hope I didn’t get too wordy

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    looking for new bindings too. so rides tomcat is soposed to be slightly lighter than the mig. around here they want 60€ more for a mig. which one would you go for, would it make sense to spend the extra money? haven’t had the chance to really compare those two.

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    Bent metal claims to have the lightest strap bindings on the market. I run last years model and their very very light. The straps are good and ratchets are metal as well. Really good set up in my opinion. The carbon fiber high backs are stiff and light as hell.

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    I’ve never compared binding weights but I can second the Ride Tomcats as being worthy of a look. I bought a pair on close out last year at Grand Targhee and liked them so much I bought a second pair (also on close out) this season.

    They’re not overdesigned like the old Teams (the orange ones from 01/02 I think) which I had lots of problems with (buckles and straps breaking).

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