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    With a nod to schwalbster’s “Lightest Softboot Splitboard Set-up on the Planet!‏” thread, and as he can verify, I like light gear, I am posting my current set up. At this point, it is hard to imagine losing another chunk of weight from my set up (possibly one day Mammut will have their carbon airbag cartridge in the US).

    A few years ago I started dropping weight from my splitboards, going from a 7.5 pound board to 6.5 pounds, then (like schwalbster) down to the Amplid Milligram at 5.5 pounds. Many splits are still 8+ pounds, board only, but there are a number of much lighter ones out there. Full carbon lay ups (no fiberglass at all) with lightweight cores are the lightest. The effect of losing that board weight is amazing. Not only regarding the uphill performance, but also the ride performance.

    I have been riding Phantoms with TLTs since they came out. John Keffler has been periodically lightening his binding set up and produces lightweight hooks (available next year I believe).

    This year, Pierre Gignoux introduced a carbon splitboard specific hardshell boot (The first Hardboot designed for snowboard mountaineering). I had to try a pair. For an AT boot splitboarder, built in lateral flex and progressive forward flex is a big deal. Not to mention, they are absurdly light! I am still figuring them out and will put up a post about them at some point. Thus far it is promising.

    Over the last three years I also moved from Voile skins (370g/skin) to G3 skins (312g/skin) and now to Kohla skins (226g/skin) which are far lighter and less bulky than Voile or G3.


    Ride set up without boots, touring, bindings, board – 3781 grams (8.34 pounds). Including boots – 5055 grams (11.15 pounds). The color coordination is just random chance.

    Gignoux boots – 637 g (1.4 pounds) per boot. My TLT6s with the CL liner weigh – 1030 g (2.27 pounds). With the stock CR liner, they are 1114 g (2.46 pounds).

    Touring weight per foot with skins, no boots – 1698 g (3.74 pounds). Including boots – 2336 g (5.15 pounds).


    Wow, those boots! Replace the upper shiny black piece and the heel buckle with a soft boot upper, and you have a tech toe hybrid soft boot….Pierre?


    The Gignouxs are not like any AT boot I have ridden. The highback is firm but they are very soft in the lateral / medial direction. At first it was a bit disconcerting. With the progressive forward flex and the soft lateral / medial flex they don’t have the typical AT boot dead spots that we are working so hard to eliminate by cutting on the boot shells. I still need more time to get them dialed.

    permnation, I am not sure if you meant to say heel buckle or upper buckle, but there is no heel buckle. There is an internal heel hold down system that is pretty soft. It does not feel like a typical AT boot buckle hold down. Gignoux often calls these boots “shoes” and I would say that is possibly closer to their feel than calling them AT boots.


    Yeah Buell! Nice!

    I’m glad your french shoes 😉 seem to be working out, since that is quite the investment.

    That weight is unbelievable! Congrats! That is a full 1.43 kilograms less than my ‘lightest softboot set-up on the planet’ haha.
    That is nuts!

    Thanks for posting all the weights. I’m looking forward to a full report about how they ride.

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.


    hey, I just got my pair of Gignoux Black SB.. :-). They are 500gr less (per shoe) than my Dynafit.

    How did you manage the setup with Phantoms? Did you change the front lever to fit the boots?


    Stephan, they are insanely light!

    I started a Gignoux specific thread in the boot sub forum. It explains how I got them to fit in the Phantoms. You will need a fairly long nylon screw that screws into the toe lever and will sit against the boot to hold the to lever in the correct location. Unfortunately, photobucket wants $400/year to do what was free for years, so all my links are dead. If you send me a pm with your email address, I can email you photos. It might be a couple of days.

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