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    Rico in AZ
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    Well, I know there is some lift riding bashing here, but I’m pretty sure most of us still ride lifts from time to time…

    Anyway, here’s your chance to get an AVY I class and ride the baddest lift served terrain. Check this:

    I am in fo’ sure, how about anyone else?

    Rico in AZ
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    So, the Avy I course Silverton Mtn. put on was pretty good. They’ve got some serious snow safety people working there. And they got us up on the mountain to dig some pits and do stability tests. First run of the season is into a bowl that I couldn’t see into over the edge, but good powder, then down an exit ramp a board’s length wide, then down a shale slope with 2″ of snow, then through some glades with 12″ of blower. The terrain they got there is SICK, SICK, SICK.. And don’t forget the split, most of the terrain they’ve got would perfectly accessed by split board. And bring your lungs, the base is at 10,400′ and tops out over 13,000′.

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    Right on, Rico. Thanks for posting. Sounds rad.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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