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    Banana Split
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    Bananas you say? why yes, we need more Bananas. Maybe even a Banana Split? Extra caramel on mine please.
    Where is this going? well hang on to your hats, I have a dream….
    A LIB TECH factory split. I truly believe that they would build the ultimate split.
    Magna-Traction is the craziest shit ever or at least I thought that until I bought another Dark Series this winter with Banana Tech as well. So much fun it hurts my face from the perma smile. Lib makes a deck called the Snow Mullet with Magna Traction, Banana Tech and a tapered profile. This combo would be the wildest factory Split ever! Why Magna on a split? It is not always pow out there. Wind crust,melt freeze, variable cond. and better edge hold in ski mode. Banana Tech with a tapered profile= super floaty fun times up and down the mountain. Please think about this and if you agree give the dudes at Mervin(LIB TECH/GNU) a email with support for this idea. I did this last winter and was told they were stoked but needed a bigger market.The system needs to get better to gain a bigger market.
    With Will @ Spark R&D (ironically using Mervin’s Bent Metal binders) I see the forward movement in the technology that we’ve needed to gain more legitimacy for the split system. With this breathe of fresh air from Will maybe we can see this dream of a Lib Tech factory split “The Banana Split”
    come true.
    :rock: Thanks to anyone who gives support to this idea.
    and to everyone who doesn’t… ask your friend with Lib Tech to try it for a run and then to you I say thanks for calling Lib after that run.

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    @Banana Split wrote:

    Thanks to anyone who gives support to this idea.

    Do a search and you’ll see it discussed here a number of times. I’ve been asking (and dreaming) of a Lib split ever since Magne came out a few years ago. Add the Banana rocker and Snow Mullet tapered shape and you’ve the most unique and advanced split on the market.

    Unfortunately I can’t even get Mervin/Lib to return a phone call or email so I’m afraid I can’t be much help. Maybe you, someone else, or Will can make it happen. Remember that all licensing goes through Voile too.

    Mervin Manufacturing
    155 Business Park Loop
    Sequim, WA 98382 Map
    (360) 683-9414

    Good luck!

    Banana Split
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    yeah bcrider!

    Thanks for the history on this idea, I am new to this site.
    So happy to hear you have tried to push the idea as well.
    Lets try and make it happen. your$$=power.
    I would buy one! would you?
    :bananas: (I love this guy sorry for the over use)

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    As nice as a factory split might be, you can always have Monk hook it up for you. His work looks to be on par with factory construction, and I know he’s done a Banana Hammock, so I’m sure he can do any other Lib board.

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    I got curious about the Voile Patent after reading this. Looks like it doesn’t expire until 2017 (20 years after application is apparently the new rule)

    unless this is the wrong one. looks right based on the drawings.

    Kind of cool that google has all of this stuff online!

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    Thanks for the link deejayoh. I thought it was expiring sooner than that.

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    third or fourth hand info over beers. he said she said, take it for what it’s worth(less)….

    Lib is working on it.
    would like to magna the inside edges as well.
    need new system since you can’t ‘slide’ the magna-halves together.

    voile owns the idea of two halves becoming one, no matter how you do it.

    I have talked to a couple of small guys who say the can’t finacially/legally get past the patent hurdle.

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    the amazing thing to me is that the readers of this forum probably constitute 75% of the people who are paying the Voile “patent tax”.

    We need an open-source system! :thatrocks:

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    Was asking Temple about all the Mervin factory split rumors when I was in NWS over Christmas. He said he hadn’t heard anything and had gone as far as splitting a Billy Goat for his own personal use. Not saying that he’s privy to a ton of inside knowledge there, but you’d assume that he’d be able to get one laid up if anyone could there.

    Banana Split
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    Very nice, I love this kind of forward thinking.
    Could you imagine only one company allowed to make snowboards.
    Stoked all you people are out there. At least we can talk about it
    and dream a bit.
    @deejayoh wrote:

    the Voile “patent tax”.

    We need an open-source system! :thatrocks:

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