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    Fullers2oh and I met up to do something a little off the beaten path. Unfortunately we did see two other tracks out we didn’t get “first of the season” bragging rights.
    Epic Camp Site:

    We’re heading over that treed ridge running to the right and into a north facing Cirque:

    There were Lions:

    Red Tail Hawks:

    and Bears (oh my!):

    There were also some less animated lifeforms..but equally impressive:

    At the top of the ridge we got our first good look at the REAL Mt. Gibbs:

    Fullers2oh taking an HOH break while I snapped a few more pictures:

    Our first glimpse into the North Facing Cirque:

    Fullers2oh below, approaching the base of the Coulior proper:

    Pano of the whole Cirque..notice the hanging gullies and snowfield to the right?:

    Well we heard and saw multiple slides coming from that snowfield, one of which was loud and large enough that I actually got out the camera and got a zoom shot of snow calving off and over the cliffs:

    View from the top, Walker lake (frozen) in the mid-ground, Mono Lake in the background:


    Sierra Wave greeting us at the beginning of the short dry hike back to the cars:

    And it wouldn’t be a Fullers20h tour if there wasn’t some evidence of daylight running out right?

    Tks for the great tour Fullers2oh!

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    ha ha – so stoked you didn’t leave out the hoh. i know two other names for this line. the book names it north couloir. i saw a tr over on ttips where they called it gnarnia. so of course we like to come up with our own fun names, and this one is “HOH”

    great shots josh! thanks for getting out with me and putting up with my super slow motion approach :doobie:

    originally wanted to hit up something else in the area but that was not looking too favorable so we opted for plan b. i think it is always good to have a few options worked out, that way if your primary objective is not in, or weather conditions change, you have a backup and are not left scrambling.
    side note – skip this if you dont care about stupid sierra ramblings…..yeah it seems like now is the time to get out in the sierra and get things done. i am sure there are quite a few big lines being ridden out there! unfortunately not by me, as i have been trying to take it sort of easy this year. have been having lots of good days but mostly just playing around on low hanging fruit and tried and true spots with easy access, good vert, and of course pow. despite the monster snowpack we have this year, the conditions have been somewhat tricky with high winds and lots of new snow so getting a good read from week to week on conditions has been harder this season. i look forward to the transition which is occurring now to more reliable spring time conditions, which is what we had on this particular trip

    on the way driving north at night enticed by the moonlight to take a few night shots, this is nevabhe ridge with about 15 different glorious lines, all about 5k or more. that ridge connects to mt morgan (left upper corner) and soemday i would like to check out that peak!

    mt wood is looking so insane right now! i hope some people are getting on this, :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    looking back towards mono lake and the cool island in the middle. we hiked the road from our camp but it may be possible to hike a bike or ride in and out. could be fun to combine modes of transport. earlier in the season you would be skinning this road from way out.

    i will try not to repeat any of josh’s photos but i had to post a close up of this one. maybe worth riding a few in there then hiking back out?

    kiop peak – 12,972. just your average 12’teener. looking insanely epic. maybe heading that way again this memorial wknd.

    other stuff on the north side of wood, one of a few spots although it is very crux-ish at the bottom cliff bands

    here on the eastside we must start at the bottom…

    ….and i enjoy every minute of it, walking thru the sagebrush in the morning sun (granted we got a late start!) something about the energy coming from the land in the june lake loop. there is this zone below all the large peaks at the north end of the loop. maybe 5 or so majestic peaks all over 12k standing watch over this little section of flatlands, sagebrush and meadows. there is something about the energy of this place, it just feels like it is a good place to be. if i ever had to resort to “plan b” it may include a month of just kicking it right here!

    see what i mean? mt gibbs gloriously watches over us as we slowly progress to snowline.

    and finally after a long skin through the forest we get our first look at HOH

    some other lines in the bowl/cirque that exists in front of mt lewis

    josh is that dot….see red arrow?

    looking south to the mammoth zone, that is june lake resort and a bunch of peaks behind it, wood is closest, but bloody and red slate are also lurking in there.

    another mono lake view amazing clouds this afternoon made the contrast in the sky really wild

    ok finally some shots of josh on the takeoff. sorry no more riding shots.

    twas a beautiful moonrise >>>> over – n – out till next time, aloha!

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    Nice work fellas.
    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: KOIP. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the neighborhood looks like.

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    Nice work guys! You gonna let us in on the h.o.h.?

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    @bgnight wrote:

    Nice work guys! You gonna let us in on the h.o.h.?

    Hell or highwater. Or whatever else you can come up with. We discuss things such as “versatility” when we come up with these nicknames. 😛

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    The H.O.H with its Mount Woody is giving russman a woody!

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