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    Kyle Miller

    On Sunday alittle bit more then a inch of snow fell on the bulletproof ice weve had for the past few weeks. Mondays forecast was looking to be sunny so Scott and myself went out to Crown Point both for pictures and in hopes of finding some wind blown Pow. We werent dissapointed.

    Myself skinning up bullions peak

    Looking at Crown point and Union creek

    Looking back at the resort

    Rainier and the avalanche basin

    Scott messing with his photography (yes its obvious im Scandanavian)

    Enjoying the view from crown

    and now the big question was there any Pow ?
    Yes and it rode suprisingly good


    Then two days later Dan and myself took this trip
    Now lets pray for more snow


    At least it is something. Looks like fun terrain. Glad to see we won’t be riding corn. Looking forward to riding with ya Kyle. We may head straight to Baker, then work our way south.


    FYI – in case you didn’t already know next weekend (2/6,7,8) is the Mt Baker Banked slalom in case you want to avoid or check it out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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