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    Seasons winding down,lets hear those numbers,fellas. I’ll start it off-i had a disappointing even40days.

    But its quality,not quantity.

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    I don’t keep track because it’s never enough…… 🙂

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    Currently at 57.

    Trying to get at least 3 more nice spring tours in so we’ll hit the 60s.

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    18, most I’ve had since moving back from Montana. Had a stellar day at Lost trail which if it had been my only day this year would have been fine with me, it was soooo good 😀

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    4 (thanks bcrider & Yoda, mtngodess et al!) + 4 in bounds (one of these actually in Israel)… Kinda pathetic but a good start nonetheless. What’s worse is that this was in fact my busiest season ever, I’ve never got to ride more than 6 days a season.

    I’m seriously considering asking my grandparents to move in for a month or so around feb of next year (they live in Austria). We’ll see =)

    If not I’m definitely going to be visiting again.

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    don’t keep track because it’s never enough……

    I have to have numbers for my own internal motivation sometimes – set goals & achieve & all that geeky stuff. 53 days so far but my main objective of 200K total vert is in site & seems doable if I can get a few more days in. I know lots of people go way bigger than this but its a personal best for me sooo…next year it’ll be 250. Actually anybody want to buy a business so I can just do this full time – this work thing just gets in the way

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    I got 20 with maybe a few more lined up this spring. Not too bad for a dude that lives at sea level during a really bad snow year. Actually, maybe I shouldn’t count dry-tooling to cathedral bowl or wading through slush on the gun notch. Or maybe they should count twice since they were double the work. I really need a ‘lifestyle sponsorship’ because this whole working thing is really cramping my style.

    ctowles had 64 days already back in late feburary and I think split.therapy said he has 100k vert on his new mojo, so I know there are more big numbers lurking around out there…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    15 days
    6 stitches
    8000 miles on the truck
    countless core shots
    Next season my goal is to out pace days to stitches by 4 to 1 🙂

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    I think I’m somewhere around 15 right now, which is more than I’ve ever managed before. I think getting a split was the right move.

    I also have designs on at least 5 more spring descents, so I should make it above 20.

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    I’m counting at least 7 days in Argentina in aug./sep. Thats right, it counts as this season.

    I’m calling it quits at 45 days this year. The boating season is in full swing now and I’m happy with 45 considering I took a month off for 3 broken ribs.

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    i got in over 60 days with about 20 days on the split.seems like alot of it was pushing myself getting use to new equipment but had fun with that as well

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    I got less days than I have in 10 years! It’s all cause of this stupid decision I made to go back to school. I still got somewhere around 60 but only a few on the split. I got a ton of slackcountry though. Mostly quality.

    I miss the days of riding everyday and working every night but everything gets old with repetition.

    Hopefully it (school) will pay off in the long run and I’ll be getting 100+ again soon!

    affix snow
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    I have around 40 something….pretty low this year cause of Little snow and the whole “Getting married and have no time” bullshit…..

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    Just counted it up. 50 days inbounds, and 40 days back-/slack-country. Maybe a few more this spring, but I’m moving into summer mode.

    My best season by far. I graduated in December and then took a lot of time off. I was very lucy: one of the better snow years in the PNW ment I was riding powder pretty much solid from November till last week. Also got a HUGE dump when I was in New Mexico for New Years.

    Could this be because I dedicated my thesis to Ullr?

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    120 days and counting. Still snowing above 7,000 ft.

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    98 … gotta get at least 2 more!

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    I had a great season this year traveling and chasing storms all over Colorado and even made it to BC for a spell and Wyoming. I am finishing in at around 130 to 140 days on my split with a few more days left in RMNP, and I think I got 5 resort days as well. I documented my entire winter with Thrillhead Creations and will be releasing our second film “Return to Schralptown” this fall, which by the way is the only production company making split specific movies. We are doing a 40 show tour across the East, Rockies, PNW, and Cali, so keep your eyes and ears open for more info about our tour and for new trailers to be released. I will be posting a series of trip reports from this past season to encourage folks to check out our new flick and our unique tour that we will be putting on.


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    72 so far, 44 resort and 28 bc. Last week I had a great day on Rainier and then spent my birthday near the “birthday tour” on the North Cascade highway.

    I was going to let last week be the end of “at least once a week mode,” but when I was adding it up I realized I only need one more to make it into a half year. The weather looks crummy and I had arranged to work my second, summer job on all my days off, but now I am sort of considering sneaking up for a short after work tour, or taking a mental health day. So now I am going to blame the sad state of my finances on this thread.

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    Very well done, boys and girls. Me, I got 11 days in this season. That’s the most I’ve had in years due to work/study issues. Next year I’ll get more and I hope to share some EC stoke with the community.

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    jgarris, did you do the tour, or did you climb to the top of the saddle? How was the snow? Gotta get up there, as I live at the entrance to the valley.

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