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    If I may blow out some jamz to you peeps of the split….Let me throw this observation. And show how this observation is probably relevant.

    This observation came from the last year while playing in a cover band with my wife. My job in the bad was playing drums, and “DJ”ing of sorts of backing trax. I started eating caramels during shows quite by way of experimentation. Keep in mind eating is far more psychoactive than smoking(about 10x more roughly). My observation was this…..I from that point on NEVER fucked up while playing…..This may seem simple, but let me submit that not only as a drummer am I the time keeper, but I’m also playing a live show, loading samples into DJ software, and playing along with those samples spot on(ask anyone whom records in a studio…playing with a click track sucks!), and even allowing for some free form playing and such all while NOT missing a beat for over 3 hours.

    Think about this…how in over 25years of playing live in the most complicated, technical, and busy form I’ve ever been a part of…was I able to play PERFECT! nite after nite for over a year! The only thing different…I was eating hash caramels. I at times literally felt like something else was driving the bus while I was sitting back there observing eyes closed in a blissful meditative state. What was I tapped into…..why was this perfection so effortless?? Why are we all denied this by a stupid law, which does more harm to us as a people than good. My brother spent over 9 years in prison for weed due to Nixon era Drug War policies, so my family has the scars to show how fucked our system of laws are.

    So let me throw this….Why is something so obviously beneficial to our species both in a esoteric consciousness aware state, and medicinally useful in sooooooo many ways….so hard fought? It all comes down to this. A consciously aware and progressive thinking healthy human is a danger to a culture that is materialistic in nature, and monetarily driven society.

    Believe me as much as I love sitting in a room freekin high as shit on caramels for a few hours playing my Tibetan bowls…I LOVE the human experience, snowboarding, camping, eating, buying some rad musical toys…etc etc…I think this human experience is very trans formative, and we can’t all sit around and meditate on the world as a Tibetan monk. Capitalism can work, Democracy can work…For some reason…Human Egos and bad ideas and human suffering rule the day and don’t allow for a well oiled free thinking society.

    There’s a reason why we live this life, and I see Marijuana as a catalyst towards a “golden age” if you will. A wind of change is coming, but not before asshole politicians(mitch Mr. FuckFace Turd Burglin’ mconnell) don’t have a good round of monkey raping skull fuckery orgy party on the way out!

    Pfewwww that rant felt good. Olay! :doobie: :rock:


    @chronicracing wrote:

    It will always make me smile to think about an angry snowboarder, trying to convert derps in northern Wisconsin.

    I do miss going into a bar and getting 2 Bloody Mary’s and a pint of beer for $5.

    Wisconsin will never be the same after Ron is done with it :rock:


    A little re-“hash”…no pun intended…This shit makes me smile :thumpsup: :doobie:

    You can’t stop a movement with momentum….


    :thumpsup: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :doobie:

    Can’t say NO to grandma.


    thats awesome splittrippin!!

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)
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