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    Now my split has a residew from the glue and doesn’t glide at all! Any help would be greatly appreachated! I was thinking to use some goof off to remove the sticky crap and then rewax the base.

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    Try Goo-be-gone, or a citrus cleaner, or a non-solvent paint thinner.

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    must have been one hell of a long skin track…3 weeks of skinning?!

    did you skin to the moon and back?


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    You could always just take in to a shop and have them grind it for you.

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    Simply scrape and rewax it?

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    I’ve had some bad experience w/ goof-off and simple green on the base material. Remember that it is pourous and will take in some of the liquid.

    My problems occured w/ the material before it was already layed up as a snowboard though. It might not have an affect now that it is all glued together. I know simple green has something in it that will stay in the base material though.

    I probably wouldn’t use either of them.

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    strips of paper bags on base, rub with hot iron to take up as much glue as possible. Then maybe a citrus cleaner made for ski/board bases.

    The glue on your skins is probably messed up too. You’ll need to strip that as well and apply gold label glue or bd glue strips.

    I got some glue strips if you need ’em.

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    Same thing happened to my teles I just scraped it then rewaxed and scraped again. no more problem.

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