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    hey bri –

    once you get settled in jackson i’d suggest hooking up w/ rod and mark newcomb at american avalanche institute and taking one of their courses. great mentors w/ tons of avy knowledge and experience to share and learn from.

    check it,

    we’ll be in co or ut next season, so we’ll hook it up again out there bro.

    keep it real.


    @brg: I studied Industrial and Architectural Design at University. Since i finished school, i’ve been working in an engineering firm in the departement of transportation. We do mostly urban planning and traffic calming…

    The job doesn’t have much “design” to it… I dream about moving from Montreal… West is an easy answer… Colorado has the best to offer from my point of view… Mountain Biking and Snowboarding year around… That would be sweet… However, i would also love to move down south near Burlington, VT. The riding is pretty sweet… the mountains are great also… and right in your backyard… But as an industrial designer, my only option would be to work at Burton Headquarters… And getting in there seems pretty hard… I’ve sent my resume online a couple of times and never got anything.

    Finding a job in Design is pretty hard… especially after getting out of school…

    Ah well… You’re making it out there… Tough call… But you’ll enjoy your new life!

    Maybe i’ll make it out there some day… i know i’ll be visiting at least once every other year!

Viewing 2 posts - 21 through 22 (of 22 total)
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