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    This morning after waking up stressed out before the day has even started, I made my final decision, its time to move on. Move on, from what and to what? you ask. Here i am in located in a small valley in western Massachusetts, going to work every day, as a project manager for the family bussiness, a constuction company of which I am the fourth generation of. Yes, I enjoy the problem solving and engineering aspects of the Job, but all and all I went to school for five long years, and studied my ass off, in the field of architecture and design. Currently I don’t get to do any design work, which is my true passion. Day in and day out with no design I noticed i have begun to lose the practice and profiency i once had for designing and exspressing the designs though drawing and model. Deep down inside and even at the surface i am an artist. I can’t get bogged done with the pragmatics of constuction. After coming to full relization of the above, this morning I knew it was time. Step one; tell my uncle, that its time for me to move on this fall. DONE wohoo. Step two; I need to tell my grandfather, now he is man that has always been very generous, helped me with school, and has taught me as much as he can. He is a man that I owe more than I will ever pay which has led me to working 50-60 hour weeks for three years. At last its not what I want to do, and more than anything I am sure he will be supportive of what ever I choose to do. Even though i am sure of his support its going to be hard breaking the news. So now you read half a page of bullshit and are wondering what this has to do with split boarding.

    Here is the leap of faith, quit my Job and ride next season, following a great season of riding all over the west side of the country, I will resettle into the work gig as an architecture intern at a local firm in jackson. I have yet to apply for anything but with the current constuction market in jackson I don’t think it will be hard to find a job. Perhaps I would be part of JHMRs new tram constuction and or design, that would be sweet.

    I am glad I have begun putting the long forming plan into action, So wish me luck on the next phase of Life, coming this fall.


    Sweet, dude. Good luck.


    do it bri, and don’t look back. i support you 100%. it’s time to leave the nest and fly…


    Welcome to the lifestyle. 8)


    Good move.

    I left L.A., a guaranteed job in the family business, a charter fishing business, a condo in downtown Huntington Beach and all my friends to move to Mt. Shasta where I knew no one.

    The mountains called me, I listened.

    That was 11 years ago, no regrets.

    Life is an adventure.



    Way to go. Good luck to you. I’m sure you won’t regret it and you certainly won’t hate Jackson I am sure. I packed up and moved from Northern New Hampshire 14 years ago and moved to the Pacific Northwest to work for the summer and I never went back.

    Rico in AZ

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that a 40 hour job and snowboarding don’t mix, even when you live in the mountains. The powder days are always Mon. thru Fri. and the weekends are for the tourists. That said, I wouldn’t go back to the lowlands for anything. Good Luck, you won’t regret it.


    A (former) coworker and friend of mine left his job a little over a year ago to write music full time. After a month or so, his boss offered him a part-time job to come back and aid in the transition to the new people coming in. A year after THAT, he just moved to a different part-time job in a different part of our company.

    All of these were great moves for him, but nly the first one was part of his “plan”. Basically, I’m saying “Way to go!”, stay flexible, and follow your dream. Usually when you feel like you are taking a risk without a safety net, there’s still one there, you just don’t always see it.

    Oh, and can I crash on your couch in Jackson? 😀



    What is this “job” you all speak of??

    West is best. That being said,tell all your friends its full after you’ve arrived.


    ride big, ride hard, ride often.
    and like rico says, get that weekday snow 😈

    Enjoy the west dude.


    Always follow your dreams. I grew up in a shithole called Pasadena Texas. I skateboarded and learned to surf. I always told people I would move to southern California because I am a surfer. Here I am 20 years later.
    But now this snowboard thing has taken over and the waves are soooo crowded.
    Now Iwish I lived in Bishop or somewhere……………………………damn maybe I should move……………………………………..again


    Good choice and good luck!


    Best of luck to you, I think you just planted a seed in my brain.


    Step Two: Tell Grandfather, Done Wohoo. Of course he said what we were all expecting. Its your Life and your choice, I know I made the right one. So as of august 31st, I will begin the journey. I have to attend a wedding on 9/15, but between then and april I am wide open.

    And for all you that posted, a appreciate your support. Lets ride next season name the date and place I will see if I can work it into the master plan. I need to get to the sierras and pacific northwest for sure.


    @brg wrote:

    So as of august 31st, I will begin the journey. I have to attend a wedding on 9/15, but between then and april I am wide open.



    No need to get salty.


    You know I was kidding, right?


    Yeah i knew that


    Congrats man, 6 yrs ago these dirtbags flew some airplanes through these buildings in NYC. My life, my business, and my future all went into the big hole they left. The following February I packed up and moved to Jackson. It was one of the best moves I ever made. This is a tough place to get started. Housing, friends, women!!!!!!!, all are pretty scarce at first. There is a lot to learn. Hiking and biking in grizzly country will be the first thing to learn. Moose esp. the bulls are pretty special in the fall as well.This place is pretty spectacular in the fall, the animals are in all their glory. Then snow and avalanche science is the next thing to learn. Pack up your toys and we’ll see you come fall.


    😥 That’s beautiful, man. 😀

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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