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    @dln wrote:

    Thanks Duane for the wicked photo!

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    Wade – I’m super stoked you like the final product!!

    Anyone interested can check out the mag online here:

    A really good article on Scrubfest by Reid Morth on page 16.

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    I was majorly stoked on Wednesday when I picked up a copy of the JH mag. Flipping through it’s pages is always stunning but it’s even more rad when you flip to the middle section where there are full-resolution, super high-gloss photos and one of them is a shot that you’ve been using as your computer wallpaper for the past months that was taken by someone standing right next to you atop a peak!

    The photo you took is so ethereal, dark, and gloomy looking. You did a helluva a job of pulling as much emotion out and into the eyes of the viewer as you could, Duane. It was a nice day up there – albeit cold – but how you captured the mist coming off of Buck and balanced it with Wade and his partner in the sun is primo stuff.


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    THANKS SAM !!!!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)

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