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    Please keep posted for updates on this page.

    Due to popular demand and safety, we are limiting the event to 30 people. We will be changing our format so that there are no more than 5-7 per group, per outing. First 30 people who sign up, pay their fees, and sign the waiver will be guaranteed a spot. PM me here or email me at for payment/waiver info. You can also pay by paypal to:

    Here is a tentative itinerary:
    *bring sleeping bag, pillow, pad, and towel

    Friday, Feb. 25th, 2011-Avi Awareness Day sponsored by Pieps
    Meet at Mountain Pinnacle Properties-9 am
    Sign waivers, pick up shirts, safety meeting/avi conditions/buddy up
    9:30-10am-head out and ride Tetons/Togwotee
    Apre BC party at the A-Frame-Spark R & D!

    Saturday, Feb. 26th, 2011-
    Ride Togwotee/Tetons
    Scrub Party and Raffle @ Mtn. Pinnacle Properties presented by Voile-USA!

    Sunday, Feb. 27th, 2011
    Clean Cabin/Checkout-9am
    Ride Togwotee/Tetons

    Recommended Guidebook (Teton Skiing:A History and Guide by Tom Turiano):

    Lodging: Mountain Pinnacle Properties (
    1) $65.00=two nights lodging, ScrubFest t-shirt, raffle, and entertainment
    2) $55.00=two nights lodging, raffle, and entertainment
    *If you cancel after February 1st, your fees will be non-refundable.

    RAFFLE will include giving away a complete Voile Mojo Rx splitboard, Light Rail bindings, and Voile climbing skins!

    ****All people showing up must have transcievors, probes, shovels. This event is not a guided excursion and everyone who participates does so at their own risk! On the other hand, local knowledge/avalanche advisories will be available. All participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver. Fees cover lodging and entertainment expenses only. It is highly recommended that you have at least Level 1 avalanche training, as this event is not recommended for beginners.

    Scrub Participants on board:
    1) samh-MT
    2) Will Ritter-MT
    3) Jeri534-UT
    4) Wasatch Surf- UT
    5) JBaysurfer-CA
    6) schralptowner-CO
    7) lewmt-MT
    8. snowvols-UT
    9) Mike Tlusty-MT
    10) Tyler Jaorsz-MT
    11) Jerod Anklam-MT
    12) keffler-CO
    13) Chad Bergen-ND
    14) nomad-MT
    15) Justin V-CO
    16) Kristie V-CO
    17) treepilot-First Canadian to attend!
    18) Mac-the second Canadian to attend!
    19) Mike B-UT
    20) Brian W.-CO
    21) PedroDelFuego-CO
    22) Eddy Cruz-CO
    23) Trevor Lane-MT
    24) amkaplan-WA
    25) Gary Randall-ID
    26) solo-OR
    27) Duane Nardi-Jackson, WY
    Last spot!

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    This looks great! I’m really going to try and make it this year. It’s a good thing that you have your dates out there now so I can plan ahead.

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    I’m gonna try to make it to this. My first splitboarding experience was up on Togwotee with NOLS in 2005, it would be sweet to come back with a bit more knowledge and ability. Thanks for posting the dates up so far in advance!

    wasatch surf
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    after four years of putting this off i think i’m gonna try to make it. feb25 is my birthday so this would be a great present to myself.

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    Mark me down, and start prayin’ for stable snow in the Tetons and Togwotee.


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    registered, Im #3 on the list and Ill be in SLC this winter :disco:

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    Wow, so many killer events this year :thatrocks:

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    Just found this today:

    flip to page 14/15


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    Thanks Sam. I didn’t know that Reid was doing an article and I probably wouldn’t have seen it.

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    You’re welcome, Jeramie.

    For those who are reading this, check out the other thread Jeramie started regarding this also: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10144


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    Any of you WY splitters live on the way from Denver to Dubois? Thinking about trying to make it to ScrubFest. Drive up Thursday after work. It would be cool to crash somewhere along the way that night. I’m assuming the touring starts bright and early Friday morning. Might have a total of three people driving up. Just need a floor to sleep on.

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    @keffler wrote:

    …I’m assuming the touring starts bright and early Friday morning.

    That is a correct assumption. In the past I’ve always driven down Thursday night and slept in the garage/shed space next to the parking lot of the lodge. Wake up early, make some coffee on my camps stove and get ready to shred.


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    Before I broke my leg I was absolutely going to go. I am pretty confident that I should be healed in time seeing as it is still a month away. Not to mention we need some Nevada representation! :bananas:

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    driving up from SLC thursday night, snowvols is riding with me and I should have enough room for 2 more SLC peeps if anyone wants to save money and split the gas

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    Are there any other Canuck’s thinking of getting in on this and want to car pool?

    I would be coming from Calgary and according to google maps it 13.5hr plus a boarder stop… Road trip!

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    SHIT, the last year? Man, I dont have the vacation time 😥

    BUT, after the strong arm tackticks of one Wysplit over the phone and some more logistics talk with Dave

    TEX and FULLERS2OH will be coming

    Sorry about that

    :disco: :bananas: :disco: :rock: :headbang: :thatrocks: :clap:

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    Count me in!!!

    I’ll send you the payment shortly. Forest, right now it’s just me heading up, but I might have a few other people with me. I’ll stay in touch in case you want to carpool.

    Oh Yea, bring on the WY snow!

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    Great article on scrub fest 2010!!!! Good find!
    Thanks Samh!

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    @tex wrote:

    …BUT, after the strong arm tackticks of one Wysplit over the phone and some more logistics talk with Dave

    TEX and FULLERS2OH will be coming

    Glad to hear it. See y’all soon.


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    I just sent in my registration fees. Stoked to explore some new terrain….

    Coming from the north – is travel through Yellowstone recommended (open?) in winter? Or better to go the longer way over Teton Pass, up through Jackson?

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