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    Dec 4th conditions up at the park where a bit sloppy with high snow levels and rain falling all day. It was cold enough for the last couple storms to put close to 2ft in the parking lot. Icy rain/melt crust up around 8000ft. North Aspects of Birth day Party were creamy and good if you could handle the rain! We climbed up to Ridge Lakes and took a look at 8662 decided to ski north faces for the best snow. No stability issues as everything is one big wet glob!!
    First photo is a north face of 8662

    second photois at ridge lakes!

    One more storm and the whole area should be money!

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    Dec 13th conditions were great! Little melt freeze hitting the lower typical spot but good cold snow above 8000′!! Seemed really stable but played low angle and trees since it is new snow! With the incoming storms and temps it should stay good!


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    Thanks for the report! Are you the guy I met up there a few weeks ago with a couple of your buddys? Sounds like this has to be you from the Dec 5th reort. Sorry I can’t remember your name damn it, but I’m Dustin. Anyway good to hear it’s setting up nicely after the recent colder storms. I might be making a trip up there next week and I’ll let you know if I do.

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    Went up on Dec 18th! Scored big time good pow all the way from peak to parking lot! Stability was fairly consistent with the only activity around the 7300 foot mark. Slab formation in an open steep face below tree line. Pow was killer and the skin tracks are in!

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    Dec 21st! Happy first day of winter! The rain has started at the park. Snow is soft, wet and heavy. Looking at the future temps I’d say things are going to firm up and probably ice up. Maybe a storm on the 24th for a few inches of snow to freshen things up.

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    Dec 26th. Snow is firm. Their are pockets of some descent snow about 5-8in deep in the areas protected from the cold east wind. We rode “The Nose” area today and found some Ice and some fun edge-able and slash-able pockets. Didn’t go up to the ridge today, as it looked very windy. West Aspects could be money right now in the Brokeoff area!


    January 8

    I haven’t seen an update here for over a week, and I haven’t been there since the weekend, so here’s a general idea of conditions, rather than a specific report for today:

    Snowpack has ranged from 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters at 6700′ (SW entrance parking lot). Snow depth has varied with terrain. I’ve found deeper snowpack on NE aspects that received more wind deposit.

    Snow surface has ranged from from crust to wind deposit to wind slab to wintry powder. Sometimes changing from one condition to another to a third within 50 feet. I’m pretty sure all wintry snow has been nuked by the sun now.

    The good news is we’ve been getting warm days…with almost cold nights. Sort of a melt/melt going on right now. This weekend the forecast temps will start to provide more of a melt/freeze. If the overnight lows do start coming in below freezing we should get something closer to spring corn conditions, at least that’s what I’m counting on this weekend.

    See you all at the Kohm Yah-mah-nee parking lot, or on the slopes!

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    Temps have been good lately to produce that corn. Went yesterday and scored on Morning Dew aka Sun Bowl. Exits are still manageable down lower but starting to show the effects of another dry January. We also headed over to the backside of Brokeoff (west side) to see what it was like. Bullet proof would be the best term for that. We new better but went anyways. The snow was solid ice and scary. The sun still has not climbed high enough over the face to give it any sort of warming. May get a little sloppy this weekend with some warm temps coming in. Over all Lassen Volcanic National Park looks to be doing better than most places in California.

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    Bump for conditions. Wondering how the lower elevations fared from the last blast of moisture.


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    Things have held up pretty nicely. Some creeks are starting to show but not a problem yet. Heading up tomorrow. I’ll post some pics and a little info after tomorrows trip.

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