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    Well here goes- this is my first TR on this forum or any for that matter-Ive been a long time lurker but I get so pumped to see everybody elses TR’s that I figured Id start to contribute alittle- maybe all of us wont have to surf on ttips if the forum stays busy. Heres some shots from 4/18/07 just above Sin City that was 80*+ Its hard for people to believe that this exists in Vegas but heres the pics.

    This is the ascent route up above the small resort we have. Look at all the Avi debris from last year, some of you might remember a young kid on a snowboard that got rippped off the chairlift and killed this is the avi field 3/4 mile up from that spot. Same Avi!
    This is the view as you start to climb the chute proper- I believe its called Acid Tester but Im not sure.

    This is from 3/4 of the way up as you can see my piece of shit cell phone camera was fogging up so I wasnt able to get any good photos of the upper section.

    These are my tracks coming out the bottom of the chute.

    This is finishing at the resort as you can see coverage is deeeep!

    Well there you go it aint no Wasangeles or HIGH Sierra but it still gets the blood a flowin’.
    BigBry:D 🙄

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    Nice first contribution systemsplit

    Just one tip:
    You might wanna restrict your pictures to size 800 x 600 the next time.
    You can do that easily when you upload in photobucket under the options.
    It will automatically resize your pics.

    I do not have a problem with the size right now here at work with my larger screen, but at home on my laptop I probably would have to scroll back and forth all the time.

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    Nice line, man. You’re definetely hurting for snow though–pretty boney out there.

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    I remember having a job opportunity in Vegas and was shocked that there actually was some snow out there, never thought I’d see a bc tr from the area though!

    Good job making the most of that desert land! Oh and crap pictures>no pictures any day.

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    Thanks for the photo tip will use next post, thin n’ boney is an understatement but when you live in a valley that reg. sees highs of 115 for months straight ya take what it’ll give. 😆

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    The normal “message board” size is 640×480. You can set photobucket to automatically resize to that. definitely shrink them a little. Those a pretty large pics on my pc! 😯

    Jon Dahl
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    My step-son lives in Vegas, and I believe the pics. Haven’t been to Charleston yet, maybe someday. Been hiking in Red Rocks, way back off the beaten path. Cool stuff!

    affix snow
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    Very cool! I was a little confused at 1st, but thats some cool shit!

    el diablo
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    This may be the first cell phone camera TR. Way to get after it when the gettins are thin.

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