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    Hi guys! Im from Patagonia and im probably flying to US on may. Do you thinks guys that its a good idea to go to Lake Tahoe for the first 2 weeks or may? The snow should be good enough at that time of the year? good place for splitbioarding? Any othe option to go?

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    Typically snow is still great in may in Tahoe, it will be spring skiing but shouldn’t be sun cupped yet. Extra bonus is that we are above average on the snowpack this year, so coverage should be awesome while your here as well.

    Plenty of people on this board from the area, hopefully someone has some time and can take you down to the eastern sierras as well while you’re here……I would gladly trade you some Tahoe guiding for some Patagonia :drool: guiding but I’ll be out of town the beginning of May.

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    Thanks Snownskate!
    And you are wellcome anytime you need information about Bariloche and Patagonia!!


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    May will be great. Try to leave some time to tour the Eastern Sierra, located about 3 hours south of Tahoe. Tahoe is great, but the mountains are MUCH LARGER a bit to the south. As said, lots of board members to help you out.

    Im sure you will be able to split every day if you want.

    Go to the backcountry stores website. He has tour maps online of Tahoe

    just agree to the terms and you will get some beta!!

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    May is going to be a great month if last yr was any indication. It pretty much snowed every week from apr1 – june 15. If you stay around tahoe Red lakes peak at carson pass is a big local favorite. Skin from 8500k up to 10k and ride down to the hiway at 7.3k. Easy up..awesome views and ride down plus south lake tahoe nitelife if only 1/2 hr away. The snowpack is as large as I have seen in years and last year I made turns until aug 31…..jim

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    If you’re going to be here in May, you have to plan on checking out the eastern Sierra. Tahoe is great and all (don’t get me wrong, I love Tahoe!), but that is going to be prime time in the much bigger and Patagonia-like eastside.

    Plus you will get to eat at the Mo-mart, which is worth the price of the trip alone. 🙂

    Get these two books for ideas and inspiration:
    This one for Tahoe
    This one for the eastern Sierra (written by’s very own Mr. bcd)

    Then hit us up here a week or two before you come out (though probably not in the TR forum; the main forum, CA conditions, or partners wanted forums would probably be better).

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    thanks to all you guys!
    I will tell you later how was my trip!!!
    And you are wellcome to ask me about Patagonia!

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    umm, first off, thnx for mentioning the Mo-Mart (we were all thinking its about time to head that way, for good skiing- and the mo-mart).
    And yes, we were slaying pow all through May last year. K-wood even had enough snow to turn a lift on July 4th.

    We tour somewhere around Tahoe every weekend, i grew up here, so I’m pretty familiar with the terrain. Hit me up when it gets closer and plans start to finalize. We can keep you posted on snow pack and whatever else you wanna know. You’ll love it here.

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    @jimw wrote:

    Get these two books for ideas and inspiration:
    This one for Tahoe
    This one for the eastern Sierra (written by’s very own Mr. bcd)

    Here is another very good Tahoe specific guide book

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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