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    While a lucky few are making winter turns I thought I would post this. Just family fun

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    Looks like F-U-N!! But… Isn’t it December? Aren’t you supposed start making splitboard videos sometime around now??

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Snow in the Liquid form is all we have at the current time. I would love to make a snowboard video but alas no snowboarding.
    Guess its time to go to Colorado

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    Great stuff! Always great to have a thing that everybody in the family can get into together.

    What is that thing the guy at the end is getting ready to ride?

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    and a cameo from Dutchmarc. 8)

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    lewmt, thats Dutchmarc’s trick skis. He comes down from L.A. from time to time and brings all kinds of crazy things to ride. Narrow ass wakeboards from the 90’s and this time a trick ski. He tought water skiing in Holland so he can ride anything.
    I think this summer we will bust out a wake skate and see what he can do

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    Its been way to long

    Its good to see that you are getting out and having a good time with the fam. Looks like a good time.

    I am bummed I did not make it to calli this summer. Give a heads up if you are headed up this way.

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    Bridger,you know you have a standing invite. Boat is always full of gas and ready to go. It is wetsuit time but it may not be too cold for you Montanan’s .
    And yes, Im planning another trip to the scrubfest. Plan on puking in the parking lot too.

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    Nice video TEX, editing and filming were really top notch for home footage…..look forward to seeing the 07/08 flick after our epic winter has come to an end.

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