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Home Forums Boots La Sportiva Sideral owners, is this how you filed down the forward lean slot?

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    The 2.0 looks good they appear to have solved two problems with 1.0 (the strap falling down and the buckle poping open in crusty snow). Honestly i went too far in my mods…I would modify the boots in this order: 1. file down the plate as far as you wish(you can always use the spare plate they provide if you don’t like it) 2. Drill some holes (1 1/2″) in the medial side of the boot in order to loosen up the flex. 3. Place “Eliminator tongues” , this is a brand name, in back of the boot to ease the hard stop feeling (I shaped mine to fit and glued them in). All the aforementioned mods i recommend.

    This is where i went to far!

    I also trimmed the vertabrae/ hi-back of the boot, but for no really noticeable difference. If you trim the vertabrae you also have to change the length of the cable to the latch mech and lengthen the strap, pain in the ass. I eventually removed the the whole mech in the back and placed an old Spark speed cube above the vertabrae to adjust lean and drilled through the lower fin and t-nuted a bolt in for the forward lean stop.

    ^don’t do any of this^

    While all this worked for a little while, eventually the “speed cube” cracked and the bolt broke! luckley it was in mellow terrain. I have fixed the problems, for now, and feel ok about how the boots tour.

    On a different note i am leaving the country, so non-of this matters! When i get back i’m buying some Fischer Travers boots; The cuff strap is separate from the walk mode and seems super easy to mod. Plus i’ve seen the plastic model for $385 new.

    Sorry, my free photo upload site expired, i may reload some of the photos eventually….

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)
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