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    NO, anything but Russ on the Spark vs Karakoram debate!!!

    @maniacdave wrote:

    Thread drift win!

    Waiting for Russman’s commentary on the Spark vs Karakorum, G3 vs Voile skins, Gnu vs Libtech debates….

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    @russman wrote:

    @barrows wrote:

    @bgnight wrote:

    @barrows wrote:

    @bgnight wrote:

    But those are SKI boots. Why would you want SKI boots? 😉

    Simple Brooks: because boots, and most bindings (hell, most boards as well), made for snowboarding suck 😉

    I was not aware that I’ve been having so much fun the last 20 years on gear that sucked. So why don’t all you fruit booters just take up skiing since you’re all trying so hard to be one? That must mean you use ski boots in bounds too. If snowboard gear sucks so bad then why do 99.9% of resort riders not use ski equipment on their snowboards? Are they just misinformed?

    Heck, 90% of riders suck as well….

    Hahaha Borrows when was the last time you saw the skill level of the average Baker or Alpental shredder? I don’t care that you use hardboots. I love that I get to giggle my pants off when I read the millionth post that goes something like this:

    @barrows wrote:

    A properly modded hardboot setup is superior in every way because its superior and light and skis uphill so well

    @bgnight wrote:

    Hardboots aren’t snowboard boots because they’re so hard and gay and stuff

    @barrows wrote:

    You most obviously aren’t a true mountaineer and don’t slog as well as I do because my hard boots flex and skin so much better and I don’t compromise anything on the downhill because I modded them so so well and stuff

    @bgnight wrote:

    I’m a true hardcore Tahoe mega shredder and I’m also a cockhead and I love letting you know how much of a cockhead I am, and hardboots are still gay

    @barrows wrote:

    You are indeed a dick and my hardboots are much harder than yours

    @bgnight wrote:

    My turns are much larger and steezier than your turns because my angular moment of inertia is incredibly superior and my turns are more dynamic and surfy

    @barrows wrote:

    How dare you question my surfiness. I mod my hardboots so so well and they bend and surf in far superior and better ways than your inferior boots

    @bgnight wrote:

    Hardboots are still gay, and I’m loving my dickedness

    @barrows wrote:

    I conducted studies on my hardboots and found them to be superior in every scientific way possibly possible

    @bgnight wrote:

    Your studies are not valid because they were funded by the republicans and are proof of a government conspiracy to overthrow snowboard mountaineering softboot technologies development

    @barrows wrote:

    You are a god damned KOOK

    @bgnight wrote:

    Yes I know but at least I’m not a fruit booter!

    @barrows wrote:

    Your argument has no basis in snowboard science logic

    @bgnight wrote:

    I’m tired and can start this again tomorrow. Sleep well, Borrows

    @barrows wrote:

    Sleep well, BGnight!

    :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

    Post of the Year goes to Russman! :headbang:

    Russman reminds us all that being able to laugh at yourself is an important skill in life! :thatrocks:

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    @ecobrad wrote:

    NO, anything but Russ on the Spark vs Karakoram debate!!!

    @maniacdave wrote:

    Thread drift win!

    Waiting for Russman’s commentary on the Gnu vs Libtech debate….

    I forgot.

    That was Pontus

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    Just recieved a pair of LaSportiva Siderals. I am impressd wih the simplicity of the boot. It has a neutral stance, something my body type reqires.

    For split board boots the overall BSL is shorter then most others, a good thing.
    The lean lock mechanism can be easily modified.
    The medial cuff is lower then the lateral cuff.

    Now I need to figure out how much lean and play to dial into each boot.

    May make an elstomer lean/lock plate.


    HOW did I miss this! The Win goes to Russman.

    But back to the boots. Since I can’t find any used TLT5’s right now, maybe I’ll look into some Siderals.

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    I wonder if the Lateral Flex of the UPS boot would work with the Sideral Boot.

    A shop in Aspen, CO has these boots on ebay


    Perhaps you could get these for dirt cheap.

    Has anyone tried to incorporate the UPS Lateral Flex into the AT boot? I had the first pair of Burton Megaflex boot (two buckle). They were soft (compared to other hard boots) and had the Lateral Flex knob.

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    Powder: Those boots pictured, the Burton Megaflex you mention, along with the similar late eighties boots from Alpina are all about twice the weight of the Sideral or TLT5, not really a good option for splitters at all. Certainly, someone could mod current lightweight AT boots with a sliding hinge like these old boots used, I even know of one TLT5 owner who is considering trying it as an experiment. Personally, I see no need to add the complexity and extra weight, the TLT5s can be made very flexible with some simple cuff mods, note also that a sliding hinge will interact with forward lean, this something to consider if you try it…

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    Now that I have had some time to look at the Sideral,
    it has a number of features I like; short BSL, easily modifiable lean, easy one lever lean lean/lock, and shorter medial cuff.
    Oh, and a neutral lower.

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    Modded my Siderals as follows;
    Front Boot: increased provided Mid lock plate slot length to top.
    Rear Boot: used provided Forward lock plate and 2 cuff spoilers.
    No Cuff straps.

    Feels like my soft boots in terms of forward lean, but with more precision and much lighter weight. Adjusted to feel like my soft boot’s and binding’s lean setup.

    Much better then my 5 year old Dynafits!

    wasatch surf
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    hahahaha that was so fucking funny, these boots look promising. I having some serious fit issues with my TLT5’s so these might be something to look at in the future

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    I too just finished rigging a pair of Sideral boots and have to say I am quite happy with the fit, flex and weight. I bored out the metal lock plate on the back of the boots- front foot as close to the screw as possible, back foot more conservatively to preserve some responsiveness. I cut down the medial cuff a quarter inch to promote medial flexion while riding and also grinded down the posterior “vertebrae” to allow the plastic spine underneath to move more freely. I have a high volume foot which is also flat/wide. I replaced the liners with Intuition Pro Tour liner and feel this to be a great substitute. Overall I have to say I have very closely mimicked the flex of my spark boots while gaining a boat load of benefits on the uphill. I am quite pleased with the cheaper price of these boots in comparison to the TLT5’s. I found mine online for $250.00.

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    More reports on the Sideral?

    Does anyone have pics of the mods they have done?

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    I’ve been riding the Sideral and TLT5 for a half day each, recently.
    While the Sideral’s forward lean adjustability is great, it was to stiff in medial direction for my taste. (without modding it)

    In comparison the TLT5 was much softer medially and therefore much better to ride.

    Still, after switching back to my softboots I rode 30-50% faster, more aggressive, had more fun, warmer feet and less feet pain. Will therefore unfortunately stick to softboots, no compromise on the down accepted.

    (maybe, when buying TLT5s and modding them over many days, I might learn to enjoy them. Still, for the time being I will rather try Fitwells)

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    Rsn: Can you post pictures of the mods you made to your boots? I just received a pair myself and will be modding soon.

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    Really interested in these boots just saw some for $350. Not sure if they would mode up as easily as tlts. My Isanos inside lass harness just blew out when pulling the liners( ripped out of the back of the boot). I’ll take these to the local zapaterro and hope for the best, but just two seasons and they are done? I want boot that might last at least three + tour benys.

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    Zude – I have these boots and have made no modifications to them except getting the liners molded a bit. There is definitely a learning curve as far as switching to the hard boot ride but I am absolutely thrilled with how it’s riding now. On my 2nd day it really started to click and every time I ride them it gets better and better. My riding is stronger than ever because of the precision that riding these boots provides. They are incredibly light, the switch from walk to ski mode is incredibly easy and efficient, they climb great on firm snow. Ohh and it comes with a forward lean plate that has some play in it so you can lean forward into a turn without modifying anything. I am not terribly impressed with the durability so far however. We have had very little snow here in the Sierra so the first day touring with them did involve lots of scrambling and walking on rock. On the toe part of the sole there is already a piece of hanging off. It seems the sole gets chewed up pretty easily. There is also stitching coming undone on the heel of the one of the liners. Not too stoked about those two things but everything else is great. I found mine for $250 on craigslist. I would recommend getting them. FYI it does seem like making modifications to these boots is harder than modifying the TLT5 if you are definitely planning on modding them.

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    Tried to pull the trigger on these at 350 but they were sold out. We have a good boot fitter in town but no one sells these or dynas. I think I may go with sparks Dino binding and rangers toe piece. This hole set up should run around 850, lots money to be the Guinean on all these products. Unfortunately it won’t be until next year to get this all together an on snow. Plenty of time to mod an walk around in my boots…

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    Just pulled the siderals out of the box and put them on. Wow ski boots… fit fairly tight (29.5) I think I’ll get them punched. The vertebra seams almost unmodable to me except for the plastic ridge underneath the carbon back bone. The lean mod looks easy to do, as well as the Dremel work on the cuffs. Now I just need to order the ranger toe piece and wait for phantom or spark to start selling their bindings.

    Walk mode is sweet I just wish i could test them out this weekend the snow is falling and conditions are great up high in AZ.
    I will try to post pics when I start mods. I think this could work….

    367 Posts Filed down the lean bar.
    Cut the vertabrae arm off on the medial side. Both mods need to be dremeled and sanded, maybe finished with spar. The boot feels good just walking around. Néed some bindings to go test these out.

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