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    Anyone use these with their split? La Sportiva claims it is their backcountry snowboard boot.


    I went on a tour last year with a guy that used them. He had the risers up most of the time in tour mode. I think otherwise youd run the risk of getting blisters on your heel? I tried some similar high cuff mountaineering boots once and hated it, no support for heelside turns, and toeside led to quick calf burn. The Lhotse might be better though, I dont know. While they would be good for climbing obviously, i think your riding might suffer a bit.

    allthough he seemed to have fun……


    I have the nuptses.. They’re like a slightly low snowboard boot. I found them to be very good for me (no heel lift, very comfy allowed me to carry only one pair of boots everywhere, etc etc). As far as support goes I suppose a snowboard specific boot would have been better but I suck anyway.

    From the website it looks like they are similar (in height and general construction) but they don’t share the same last. The big diff appears to be that the nuptse is a plastic/leather double boot and the lhotse is just leather. I don’t know how much of a difference in support this makes, but it could be that HikeforTurns’ friend just had a bad fit (it sounds like that to me).

    Hope this helps


    Thanks for the help, they would be perfect for climbing. I use Salomon Dialogue Snowboard boots now, they work, but my crampons dont fit very well. Just looking for a better set up. I’m not quite sold on trying AT boots yet. I might head down to Neptune’s in Boulder soon to see what they think. I believe they sell the Lhotse there.


    I made an error in my post. I meant to ask about the Nuptse not the Lhotse. The Lhotse is more of a hiking boot. Sorry about the error.


    I picked up a pair of the Nuptses last year instead of getting some AT boots. I only put one day in on them but the general impressions were that they were very stiff. Not in the ankle, put the soles don’t bend at all. I didn’t think I would notice it much when the boots are in strapped down in the bindings, but I did.

    The cuff height was not as high as I hoped and I didn’t get enough leverage in the heavier spring snow. In terms of actual boot height they are as tall as my regular boots, but that’s because of the super tall heel that kinda skews where cuff the comes up to on your calf. I am trying to scheme up a fix to stiffen and pad the cuff in addition to raising the cuff height before I take them out again.

    They are also quite a bit longer then my normal boots and I had some toe drag because I forgot to set up the bindings to account for that.

    Kick stepping in them was super easy and awesome. My feet also stayed dry in the spring slush.

    Definitely some advantages, but not perfect.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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