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    Kyle Miller
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    The last time I wrote a TR I ended it asking for people to please burn your splitboards.

    Thank you to whoever did it because the snow has been going off since mid Feb.

    With avalanche dangers going through the roof I have been staying within resort boundaries but have made the occasional tours. Here is what I have been up too in the backcountry.

    After two weeks of solid snow and a little bit of consolidation A few friends and myself went on 4 back to back tours hitting some of if not the biggest lines in the Crystal Backcountry.

    Here is a video of the trips (forewarning the video is LONG)


    Two weeks later we had a day of bluebird so Boot and myself decided to tackle something burly, but after hearing a whoomph we ran with our tails between our legs.

    Instead we hit up the Interglacier. Interglacier is the prominent point on the right with Mt. Ruth on the left.

    Skinning through shin deep pow for over 7 miles and around 5000 feet.

    Reaching Steamboat prow after 7 hours of skinning.

    Here is a video of the trip.


    Our final journey was back into the White River area but instead we focused our attention on the Sarvant Glacier Cirque. This area is seldom ventured and grants access to mountains like Tamanos, Goat Island, Banshee and the Cowlitz Chimneys.

    With over two feet of unconsolidated snow on the White River road we drove to within two miles of Fryingpan creek and decided to skin from there in fear of getting the snow-machines stuck.

    We skinned up, over and around numerous creeks, avi paths and dense forests before finally reaching the base of the Sarvant Cirque.

    Once things opened up we drooled at endless potentials for lines. From mellow cruisers to aggressive colouirs as wide as your board.

    Boot and I switched back and forth at breaking trail for the 7 miles of misery.

    Finally making our way to The Cowlitz Chimney were we waited for it to clear up, sadly it didn’t so we turned around and retraced our steps.

    Looking down towards the White River and our route up from Sarvant Col.

    The run started out wide open and in epic conditions

    But I was able to find this tasty line I call 8 lifes

    With a skin track in place and hopes for better weather it was time to head out again. Amar Andalkar would be joining us for the second adventure.

    Amar making his way through the old growth forest before crossing the Fryingpan Creek.

    Travel was fast as we skinned up the previously laid out track, leading all the way to the Sarvant Col

    Once again the weather quickly deteriorated so we decided to focus our attention on Tamanos a mountain with 4 very different personalities.

    We skinned up and over the South side of Tamanos then around to the Northwest side crossing countless stoke worthy chutes along the way.

    Our goal was to exit the tour via a avalanche swath on the NW side that has a direct 2,200 foot line that would drop us to within a mile of our snowmobiles.

    It was a long skin but the chute provided perfect, stable and ripable pow all the way down to the base of Fryingpan Creek.

    It was a long brutal day but well worth the effort.

    Look at the forecasts it seems these fronts will not stop coming in the foreseeable future. While I am always stoked to see new snow this is raising quite a bit of concerns for avalanche safety and safe travels. I can’t wait until things start clearing up and we can celebrate the spring touring season but until then I will be slaying some inbounds pow with a little bit of side country.

    Long story short: NOTHING IS WORTH DYING OVER

    Thanks to Boot and Amar Andalkar for providing photos and breaking trail.

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    I second that…whoever burned your board, thanks! The snow has been endless.

    And awesome pics/videos as usual Kyle. Keep shreddin

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    @kyle Miller wrote:

    I can’t wait until things start clearing up and we can celebrate the spring touring season

    You can have our AK high pressure system any time – we will take the regular dose of 24″ baker just got :mrgreen:

    wild side
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    thnx for the visual trip. seems like quite a day y’all had. great advice too.

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    TR of the season!

    Can;t wait for baker.

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    Kyle Miller, you are my freaking hero.

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    Thanks for the videos, looked like some epic trips! :drool: How was that slide at the end of the first video? Hope you and your friend made it out there without having to take any drastic measures. 😯

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