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    I met liketoride through two seasons ago. We’ve been BC partners ever since.

    Her pseudonym is a huge understatement because really she lovestorip. At all times, as much as possible, no matter what.

    However stoked you are, liketoride is probably 10 – 100 times more stoked. She’s that stoked.

    It makes her a really good partner because she’s always game for riding and it never sucks. Not even that time we traversed the wrong way around Red Lake Peak on bulletproof snow.

    On Saturday she loaned me her brother’s snowmojalopy.

    I’d never ridden a snowmobile before and it destroyed my legs. But liketoride kicked the steps for us all the way up. Thanks L2R!

    We couldn’t believe what we found at the top. After two weeks of sunshine this stuff still kinda looked… powdery!!

    You can just make out the snomojalopy. It’s a spec down there on the left.

    Did I mention that likestoride lovestorip?

    On the ride back I tried to take the snomojalopy off a wind lip and it in turn tried to hump me. But for the most part I got the hang of it and hopefully the machines will be fun tools for accessing remote parts of the backcountry in the future.

    The following interlude and cautionary tale for snowmen everywhere was brought to you by SchralphMaccio and the good folks at Killebrew house. I was too tired to lift a finger. They built and destroyed the whole thing while I just stood there. I couldn’t even rally when they started affixing makeshift woodlands genitalia.

    On Sunday we decided to ride the South Chutes on Jake’s Peak. Here’s a great beta shot of peak 9195, in the foreground, and Jake’s. We rode the right-most line on Jake’s. This spot was crowded but close to town and an easy lap so I expect we’ll be back this Spring to check out more of these lines.

    Here’ your skinning shot, because this is

    After that it was a bootpack & yes L2R’s still breaking trail!!

    The in the distance on the left is Mt. Tallac and its north bowl. The forground is Maggie’s Peaks with the Desolation Wilderness behind. 9195 is hidden off to the right.

    Did I mention that liketoride lovestorip?

    It was a beautiful Spring weekend in February.

    Now let’s have some more powder!!

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    So true, liketoride is a veritable fountain of stoke. You pretty much drip with stoke after riding with her.
    SF, them pics look broke to me, I want to see the snomojalopy!

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    Dang it! My ISP (shout out to – YOU SUCK) was down for uhm 17 hours today. Silly me I thought it might stay up for a little while after that. Check back and have faith. That’s what I’m doing because they’ve stopped answering the phones at Globat.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Sorry for that pictureless post the first time around… wavy – I hope the shoulder is feeling better. You jibbers don’t get enough cred. 😀

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    SF, great TR, great shots. Glad they came through this time. Looks like you and the Ripper had some great weather and snow conditions.

    Dutch Marc
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    Thxs SanFrantastico, Nice pixs a good to see you having a good time up there. Nice shot of Ms B.

    Seems like I need to find some time to get up there

    Grtx DM

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    I <3 the bay chutes.

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    Holy Smokes! Thanks SF, those are some really nice things you said about me. (I’ll have to pay you later, I mean in addition to what I already pay you to be my friend.) I’m so glad your beautiful wife, Juliet lets you go riding with me all the time, she rocks!

    I am so lucky to have such good riding friends, time to ride, and IT”S SNOWING!

    Wavy, such a bummer about your shoulder, hope you are off the injured reserve soon!

    Dutch, hope you are able to get out and go riding really soon!

    SF and JimW, see you this weekend for more exciting adventures?

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    Yeah Marc – come visit and bring TEX with you!

    L2R – just keep letting me borrow the snowmojalopy and I’ll keep saying nice things. Although that thing did hurt me. I got way more sore riding it than I ever have from skinning!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Good stuff SF and L2R! 8)

    ps. I want in on some of that sled approach action! 🙂

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    Thanks BCR! And yeah hit me up when you are going to be up my way riding, I’ll bust out the ghetto sleds aka snomojalopys for some approach stuff.

    Looks like you guys found some sweet pow turns Sun/Mon. I’m super jealous, had to work Monday…not enough time to ride this season. 😥

    Edit: wanted to add you should bring your wife, you too storn. They would really like snowmobiling and it would be really cool to have other chicks to ride with, (hint Puff Nattie).

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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