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    Day #8
    Date: December 7, 2008
    Location: Kootenay Pass
    Crew: Me, roommate

    Went for a scout up to Kootenay pass. Thin snowpack so I used my rockboard and snowshoes instead of the split. Typical early season snowpack – powder on top of ground. Not very supportive. Still managed a few turns, including the first big time faceshots of the season. PRAY FOR SNOW.



    Nice shots. Now, for the sake of my education, please stop having fun….

    My last exam is Friday, one stop in Rossland to pick my new Prior at Rossvegas and then I’ll be in the Pass by Sunday. I don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to concentrate on studying knowing that bastards like you are ripping up pow.

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    I would not recommend taking a new (or remotely new) board to the pass right now. Lots of hidden land mines up there right now.

    Rossvegas? Seriously? Sorry, not a fan of that shop.


    No, the new board won’t be out. I ripped out 6″ of edge on Buzz’s ridge at about this time a couple years back. Rossvegas, I don’t know, my loyalties lay with the pro deals. I’m really not trying to prop up any shop…but hey, if you need any teenage-girl skate fashion clothes or 300$ Etnies shoes you know where to go. I hear they even sell snowboards…

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    Looks fun! :thatrocks:

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    @the mighty bighorn wrote:

    Nice shots. Now, for the sake of my education, please stop having fun…. and then I’ll be in the Pass by Sunday.

    where the heck ya been, bighorn?? see ya on Sunday.
    :bananas: :bananas: :bananas:

    rky mtn srfr
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    sweet :thatrocks:


    hey, bro. I’ve been schooling, I should finish an undergraduate honors degree sometime next year. My dissertation involves remote sensing of avalanche and mass wasting hazards, it’s super cool stuff- lots of GIS, geology, and meteorology.

    I’m doing summer semesters so that I can take the winters off. I’m going to be collecting vector GIS data in the pass to apply to the avalanche models i’ve already created. Oh yeah, I’m also going to be re-shooting the pictures for my guidebook, the new maps I’m creating make the old guidebook look so amateur.

    I’ll be spending as much of my time as I can in the pass, although I’ve got to do some calculus and physics credits over the winter. Plus, my partners got a contract to do dog sled tours at Red Mountain, there are now 38 Alaskan huskies out at my ranch in Salmo. Overall, it’s going to be a crazy winter, but you can count on us making some turns together.

    How about you guys, how are things in Creston?

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    Nice little viddy boizzz

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

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    woohoo….other local splitters on here! :thumpsup:

    hey gary, i met you and eva a few weeks ago on the pass….was checking out the sparkrandd bindings eva was sporting. lets hook up sometime for some real turns next time….PM me through here if you get this next time your hitting KP up.

    bighorn, im also out of salmo and work with GIS so lets hook up sometime and talk spatially and shred locally. PM me!

    speedy, nice lil vid…i think the best athletes are the ones who have the most fun and looks like you guys should get pro deals too on that front. hope we can get some turns in too sometime.

    looks like kootenay gold is in the forecast! :bananas:

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    I’m planning on spending a fair bit of time at the pass this year as well. Found some good turns on Tuesday and did some exploring with the blue skies. If anyone is interested in getting out together, drop me a pm!

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    Here’s a video from Sunday (December 14). Put a skin track to the top of Baldy rocks (did you enjoy it treepilot?), then picked a horrible line down. Too many rocks, had to billy goat a couple cliffs (which are gonna be sick once we get more snow) and got 2 core shots in my split.

    I’d definitely be keen to meet up with some of you guys sometime. Looking forward to more snow so I can start hitting the steeps and pillow lines instead of the mellow stuff we’ve been doing so far this season.


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    hah, Salmo corner store behind the :bananas: moves?… looks like you guys are doin pretty good for coverage now. Rock the K-pass! :rock:

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    @SpeedyManiac wrote:

    Here’s a video from Sunday (December 14). Put a skin track to the top of Baldy rocks (did you enjoy it treepilot?),

    Better than breaking trail. :thumpsup: I think a few others had used it – there was a few lines down. Glad I didn’t follow your tracks!

    6 found beers? :guinness:

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    We had a big party at our house Friday night – found 6 full beers buried in the snow in our yard the next day.

    On Saturday I went up the north side of the pass over Cornice Ridge/Peak, then hit some lines off Buzz’s Ridge. Coverage was alright in places, shallow in others. Some slopes had major wind issues, but others were great pow. Might go up again tomorrow.

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