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    Looking for insight from anyone with experience using Koflach boots with their split

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    i used the same model PJ has pictured on a prior split with the mtn plate bindings. personally, i didn’t like the feel while riding…too much upper body and not enough surf.

    they did excel on the climb up though, especially on traverses.

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    Dido what Mtwriter said. I have a pair and used them once with the split. didn’t like them.

    I bought them back in the late ’80’s and thought they were the bomb compared to equipment of that time. Great for hiking. But because they do not ride up high on your leg, they don’t give a lot of support when carving, especially on hard pack.

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    i have a pair that looks strangely exactly the same as those on the pic from PJ. Interestingly enough, my pants, gloves, and jacket also look exactly the same as on the pic 😉

    Anyway, I hate (HATE) those boots. major problem with them. you can’t go on the mountain incognito. Everyone just recognizes you from miles away. Great for climbing even on very hard snow in early morning climbs, great with crampons to make steps for your softboot buddies, great to skin up on steep traverse or great on any traverse for that matter, even the ones where it seems like everyone else is going to die… but sorry, I can’t stand anymore the fact that you can’t go out there without being harrassed by Koflach groupies. That’s it. I have had it. I am switching boots.

    Looking for recommendations on something a bit stiffer and a bit more colorful :mrgreen:

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    Did you have a K2 Gyrator too (in the picture)? 😀 That was the biggest piece of crab board out there at the time. My girl friend at the time had one. Everyone thought that becuase it was by K2, it’d be worthy. At least it was a colorful as the boots. BTW – my Koflaches are a dull red 😥

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    @NJAB wrote:

    Did you have a K2 Gyrator too (in the picture)? 😀 That was the biggest piece of crab board out there at the time.

    nah…that’s ecobrad’s board. 😀

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    Hey NJAB-Your board sucks too!!!

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    Hey! It wasn’t personal! just the faxs! Plus I never got photographed in them 😀 😀

    And yes, my Burton SI’s still suck on a splt too!

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    Sorry NJAB, I forgot to use an emoticon. Of course I was joking. The board is pretty difficult to ride in most conditions. I’m looking forward to an upgrade. Yeah, Burton SI’s suck.

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    Were you joking about the Burton SI comment 😳

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    just the faxs

    Actually, I’ve never used them but everything I hear is that they aren’t very good for splitting. The common theme I hear is that while skinning you can accidently eject yourself.

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    You can accidentaly eject yourself while snowboarding too!?! Damn.

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    The ejection occurs in the skiinning mode, especially with Burton PSI’s (anyone want to buy a pair?) With the PSI’s the lever is much bigger. And if you hit it with the other half of the split, it releases. Believe me, it happens often.

    With he regular SI’s the motion is in the other direction (up) and the lever is smaller. So, its not so easy to do. It happened to me only once. But that still sucked!

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