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    Are one’s knees gear?

    Is $1800 too much for an MRI? What’s the going rate for cash/payment at procedure price? High deductible plan, I have.

    With $1800, I could buy a killer knee brace, lots of meds, and a Jet Force airbag, mainly to scare my cats and ride the lifts until the end of the season.

    Doc said cartilage damage, ligaments look good after Xray. Then proceeded to put the full-court press on me to schedule an MRI at the billing lady’s desk. I have 11 months to fulfill my deductible, so wise financial decisions are wise, to say the least.

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    Critical gear IMO. More bang for your buck as well, way more money spent on R&D from ligament damage repair to full Robocop than any airbag. Hard to look steezy when your gear is hanging up on the wall.

    That was Pontus

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    i’ve had a myriad of knee problems for a long time, started with surgeries about 4 years ago… so starting to get some experience built up. Personally, i think it’s best to do everything possible to avoid getting cut on – i’d say your $$$ is better off going towards a good Physical Therapist. My surgery-less knee is so much better off than my repaired knee, which has caused many other issues to my body (piriformis syndrome, hamstring pblms, etc). The body is an intricate puzzle!

    The doc can pull on your knee in each direction to determine if the ligament still is in tact… which it sounds like it is in your case. My doc (reputedly one of the better ones in my area) doesn’t do MRIs for most knee injuries, unless insurance is covering it. It basically just confirms what you already know (from the knee-pulling), and shows you the extent of your cartilage damage (which us active folks usually have lots of).

    So, if you don’t have a full ligament tear, give it time and PT! torn cartilage is only painful, and as long as your knee isn’t locking up as a result, can be tolerated and improved upon with focused strength building exercises. I don’t even sweat a little cartilage tear these days 🙂
    I’ve torn/re-torn bits of my knee cartilage about 8 times in the past 5 years, all of which are healed with proper PT and between 3-8 weeks of taking it easy(ier).

    I’ve tried to fight through full ligament tears (ACL) and it’s possible, but takes away some of the fun. Ultimately, i think surgery is still best in this case, although there are some new non-surgical methods that are gaining ground, from what i understand.

    listen to your body! thats tough to do, especially with knees… but give it 5-8 weeks and see how things feel!

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    Personally, i think it’s best to do everything possible to avoid getting cut on – i’d say your $$$ is better off going towards a good Physical Therapist.

    I couldn’t agree more with this statement!! There is so much that is fixable through good physical therapy and specialized exercises!
    Try that first before committing to MRI’s and further procedures.

    Dude, 1800 bucks is ridiculous! This is a very poignant article I read the other day on that topic:

    And it’s definitely gear! The best you have! Maintenance is a life long journey 😉

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Thanks for the insight! I read your posts, did some calling around today on MRIs, and just read the Brill article/story, very interesting stuff all around. A good, solid PT sounds like someone to have in one’s corner, an MRI in Denver costs $450, and the Brill piece is frustrating and scary. His experience is making my heart thump! I would be saying “just let me leave upright, Doc. Do what you have to do bro!” Apples to oranges but a possible glimpse into the future. For now, I am going to seek out a PT and hope to not have to be in his shoes anytime soon.

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    they are trying to fuck you just like every other doctor medical service in the US. call around. even pay out of pocket and the cost number can be way less than what you said- anywhere from free- Denver medical no insurance) all the way to what you said with over a 1000$. Mris will explain exactly what is going on inside thought…. the “pull test” doesn’t tell you everything its just a quick tell of what’s POSSIBLE going on. the pull test is almost always followed up by the mri.

    I second the PT theory-IF THEY ARE GOOD- they will help solve your issues, because your right once they cut into it you can have all kinds of new issues like me— it band pain, crazy hamstring BS ect ect ect.

    the more you maintain your body the better it will treat you.

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