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    After seeing a post on this forum “chairlift in a backpack” I was blown away by the sport of power kiting. I bought a couple inflateable c kites (slingshot fuels 9m, 16m). Then this year I got a slingshot ranger foil 12M, which I’ve been land boarding with all summer. I can’t wait till I can use it snowkiting!!!

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    :bananas: Right on Bentley. Get one of your R & C splitties dialed up for kiting & I’ll be giving you a call. 1 thing that’s needed is a great split-kite board for back country exploring that will double as a great gravity ride if the wind doesn’t show – or – just for the descent out. So much terrain potential just waiting to be explored.

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    ah man this is insane! anybody know how long power kiting has been around? totally hear you lewmt, this really allows you to cover much, much more ground.

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    Is this type of wind kite can be used in snow surfing or waves surfing.
    I need some information related to this knowledge. Because some one asked it from me.

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