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    Sunday (3/6) was all set up for an incredible day at the Wood, and the conditions were actually very nice. Unfortunately, after our second run along the ridge outside the resort (draining down into the houses), my wife lost the right half of her Venture Storm 152/24 off the very top of the mountain . . . I have a nightmare-like image in my brain of seeing it slide away as we all had that lump in our throats. Anyway, we took turns booting out in balls-deep pow and it was NBD, but we couldn’t find that ski. It’s binding-less, and was headed toward the huge slide path where ski patrol uses the “dynamite-on-a-wire” device to blast out the slab into the main avy path. We think we traced it into the debris bed but couldn’t follow the track any further and just didn’t have any time to pick the fly shit out of the pepper down low.

    It’s probably under another two feet of snow now, but if anyone finds it, please hit me up! My wife loved that board, they’re out of business at the moment and that particular model is irreplaceable, yada yada yada, and essentially she’s apoplectic about the whole thing. I’ve ordered her an Anti-social that should let her ride in the near future, but would love to put the Venture back together it’s beauty.

    Here’s a photo of the board during happier times in Canada:

    venture storm

    If y’all have other ideas where I should post (or descriptions of this location as I’m directionally-challenged) this let me know, thought I’d take a flyer on here first. Hope everyone’s season is great!




    Damn @bryman that blows. With these warm temps and the upcoming rain, maybe something will be visible next week.


    Thanks C I didn’t post the news on FB because she was so upset about it . . . on the other hand she does seem to be happy with the anti-social after a few days out. A little wider, lighter and whippier, with a bit more taper, and I’m a fan of the channel for set up for sure, that was easy:


    Topsheet is growing on me, I guess. Would still love to find the other half of that Venture, keep your eyes out kids!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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