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    They traded Peja for Artest?!? I know they were desparate for character. but this is ridiculous.

    Not exactly an appropriate subject for this forum, but I know of a certain splitter who is a Kings fan.

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    It will really change the team. I thought after Artest apparently balked at coming to Sac last nite, the Kings would take a pass, but I guess not.

    His D will be a major change for the team and hopefully he doesn’t go completely bonkers on anyone. Hopefully his ol teamate Miller can keep him halfway in line. If he starts out strong it might be the spark the Kings need to make the playoffs this year.

    I’m not too worried b/c the only seats I ever get at Arco are in the nosebleed section…

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    I was sad when I first heard about the trade but I know that it could be (if Artest doesn’t tweak) what’s best for the team. I’ll miss Peja’s pure shooting but not his soft D.

    Time will tell.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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