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    Date: July 2, 2006

    Location: Carson Pass, CA

    Weather: Sunny and warm.

    Participants: joesnow and lissie, gimpy and hunter (and buddy of course), bcrider and skyler

    Gameplan: patch skiing with the kids

    Duration: 3hrs

    Vertical: 500ft?

    Distance: > 1mile

    Beta: ask for directions if you want them

    Pics: bcrider

    Without getting too mushy and sentimental….my son and I hooked up with gimpy and joesnow (and two of their children) for a few hours of late season patch skiing on July 2nd. I met both gimpy and joesnow through the internet looking for bc skiing partners around 4 years ago and over that time we’ve become great friends. We all have kids too so we share that in common as well. One of the things we all love to do with our kids is take them into the mountains so when the opportunity came up I was all over it. Here are some pics from our day. 🙂


    On the dirt road to the patch.

    The approach to the snowline was brutal!

    gimpy and hunter get ready.

    And off they go.

    With buddy, joesnow, lissie, and skyler just a little ahead.

    lissie takes a breather.

    gimpy and hunter, joesnow and skyler

    Snack time

    Lissie doesn’t waste any time to have fun and does the honors.

    gimpy and hunter are next (check out the smile on hunter’s face!) :mrgreen:

    sky gets ready

    and gets some as well.

    joesnow decides to try the rail slide, check out that steeze! 😀

    gimpy runs up for a quick solo run.

    buddy takes his own line.


    lissie and joe back for another.

    lissie shows her solid form.

    skyler is next (and finally trusts his toe side edge :))

    Some other folks were there doing some jibbing too, after a few tries this guy slid the whole rail.

    bcrider tries the green rail and swallows his pride with a fashion no-no (shorts).

    Funny story behind that….I’ve never cared for skiing in shorts for a few reasons. First: it’s a fashion no-no for snowboarders, second: pants these days are superlight and have vents, third: getting snow down your boots and funny sunburns sucks, and forth: it just looks dorky. So as irony would have it….guess who forgot their ski pants and had to ski in shorts. Too funny. 🙂

    Looking back at the patch.

    Two generations of bc skiers. 8)

    mmmmmmmm…I had the Stardust sushi combo for lunch.

    It was a great time and I know the kids will remember it! Thanks for the invite guys!!!

    After saying our goodbyes, sky and I headed home down the 88 (and a now opened Mormon Immigrant Trail).

    We stopped by Caples Lake to check out the sights. “Just say No to crack sonâ€Â

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    Right on, guys. I love that shit. No haley?

    How many more last trips, bcr?

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    @ecobrad wrote:

    How many more last trips, bcr?

    No kidding eh…we need to get this guy on a mtn bike.

    Jon Dahl
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    Gotta laugh about the shorts thing. I went up to Park Butte on Sunday (solid board) for some turns, got sun baked, and those pesky 12 inch leg sunburns below the shorts and above the socks. Mmmm…. creamed corn!

    kyle christenson
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    I see the next Ingrid Backstrom
    @bcrider wrote:

    Date: July 2, 2006

    lissie shows her solid form.

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    …we need to get this guy on a mtn bike.

    He won’t do it, not willing to sacrafice splitboard turns. Plus, he thinks bailing every weekend year round is a bit much. Understandably so. If he only knew how killer the trails are ~45 minutes from his house though.

    Jonsin for mtb turns. Gonna hit up Pinecrest Peak (Sonora Pass) on Sunday.

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