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    Anyone have thoughts on the stiffness of the new Khybers with quad glass vs the Voile Mtn Gun? I will be riding Wasatch pow so I’m leaning toward the Khyber but I also like the steeps so I’m concerned about the stiffness of the Khyber (not to mention the sidecut) ….Would the Voile be a better choice? I think the flotation and turning ability of the Khyber in the pow might outweigh any disadvantages in the steeps, but I am hoping someone out there has tried both and can offer insight.

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    I am not sure, but one thing is for sure. The Mtn. Gun probably had the most of the testing and design mod’s based on Wasatch riding.

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    I can give a quick rundown on the solid Khyber 165. I just got back from using it for the first time (for 7 days). The board is my favorite board I have owned yet! The construction and ride feel reminds me of my old school Ride Timeless, Circa 1996 (before they went to capped crap). (Maybe that’s harsh, as I am somewhat hard on boards (5’11, 215#), but my 2004 Timeless didn’t last 1/2 a season.)

    Anywho, I ride Whistler climate conditions: Fresh (heavy) powder in the AM, to trees to heavily cut-up powder and crud by afternoon. This board handled it all amazingly. The large shovel up front and the slightly narrower tail allowed this board to cruise over powder and blast through crud at higher speeds and more control than I’ve had in a long time.
    It is a great board in the trees as well, it can make short radius turns and can hold a strong edge on a fall line. Oh yeah, I was also able to smoke through some mogels, again like I haven’t done in a looong time.
    Overall, I am super impressed by this board and would buy another in a heartbeat. Infact, I am sure I will have a Khyber split by the end of the season.
    I hope this helps.

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    i just got the mnt. gun… couldnt feel like a better board. the thing is a really nice stiff board, i like to really power through long fast carves and have quik responce and it does if for me. as far as the steeps on a more hardpack or corny snow, I’ll have to wait until spring.

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