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    The storm cycle has come back around to bless the Northwest with a bounty of cold, consistent snow. After a week of high pressure it was back on again!

    Chris-“Tophervw”, Ryan, Mike-“MC1212 (That’s one, two, one two!)” and yours truly, Edubious made an early am rendevous and carpooled it up to Snoqualamie Pass. It was a first time meeting with Mike. Thanks to a post dropped by Chris, he made the rendevous and our group of three became four.

    Kendal Peak was the destination…for everyone. There were three other cars full of powder seekers rolled up right behind us. We were the first out of the lot but we didn’t have to break trail alone that day. At one point it was noted that we were now a backcountry gang marching for an assult on Kendal. And we got it.

    Once we reached the open fields blow the summit, a trio of bold skiers put in a track right up the center. To our surprise, they didn’t kick off any slides so we thought that our more conservative tree line was a safe bet.

    Wrong. The wind had created a 10-12″ slab layer on the lee side (south) of the rock face we were targeting. The crew that dropped in ahead of us set off the the slide. It caught one skier the knees and sat him down for short ride. We changed plans pretty quickly.

    Tophervw doing an about face.

    The fracture was about 30 feet wide.

    We moved a little further to the south on the lee side of the trees and found the stability and powder we were seeking.

    Tophervw layin’ it down!

    Tophervw in the white room.

    Ryan was sick and sat out the second lap, but he was still gettin’ after it on the first run.

    MC1212 layin’ it down Boba Fett stylee.

    A couple of laps later and we were ready to head down. Fortunately, we still had about 1200 feet of beautifully spaced old growth trees to rip.

    MC1212. The trees were dreamy.

    It was a great tour with perfect weather and generally stable and consistent snow.

    More to come. Stay tuned!

    ~ Edub


    Great TR Edub. I’m hoping to get some of that white stuff later in the week. Over in my neighborhood at the north end of the Kitsap Peninsula the county could not even plow us out. We have some hilly roads and they simply put up ROAD CLOSED signs. We were snow and iced in, but the sunshine liberated us…maybe tomorrow…maybe Wednesday. Keep claiming all that snow you can and posting it here. Another lousy day in the PNW to keep the tourists away.


    Thanks for putting together the TR and snapin’ the photogs. Mike it was great to meet ya. Turns were great, unfortunately the release pictured above triggered by the skier was right in our line, as E mentioned about face…find other goods, which we did. It was great to have favorable light on each down lap, I don’t really understand how that works…But I like it. Look forward to getting back into that area in the weeks to come. The PNW is getting hammered again this week, stay safe out there folks.



    Way to make good calls! Nice turns too! 8)


    nice & kind hooking up with you guys. looking forward to the next outing…

    mr boba fett says i got to get me some of those snap / click poles. i’m over the current ones getting stuck extended. arghhh.

    broform anyone?



    good work guys. i took the dog up to baker on Saturday and it was a blizzard, didn’t even bother taking the skins off the whole time. one of these days we are going to have to hook up.


    Good work fellas. Too bad conditions were a bit sketchy. The Kendall area is home to some of the steepest, gnarliest lines I have ever ridden. Hope to get back there when conditions settle down, maybe in a month or 2.

    Btw you guys were about 30 miles, diagonally southwest of us. Jcocci, myself and a few others encountered no signs of instability in the Crystal bc. Despite the lack of snow reported by the telemetry in this area, I was quite suprised to find 1-2 ft of goodness. Mother Nature must have forgotten to use some Head n’ Shoulders.


    Nice….I was across the street on silver and set off a windslab the day prior on a NW slope around 5500. Seems as if there was alot of windtransport before the dump. Can’t imagine whats going on out there now.


    Looks like great fun in the trees. I always thought it was McTwelveTwelve. That makes more sense.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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