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    OK, we’re officially booked at the Mt. Morrison house at Convict Lake Resorts for the nights of April 16th and 17th. Cost is 140/person covers two nights of food (dinners on Fri, Sat night) lodging and amenities. 70/person food only.

    Location info:
    Mt. Morrison house
    Convict Lake resort

    Sponsored by:
    Voile,Prior, Venture, Spark R&D, Mammoth Mountaineering, Standard Films, Karakoram Backcountry Equipment, Patagonia, and Sentury Snowboards

    Also there will be a Raffle on Saturday night and all proceeds will be going ESAC. Each entrant will recieve one ticket and additional tickets will be sold for $1 each. This post is getting to long so I’m gonna drop the “Pending” list.

    So here’s who I have so far CONFIRMED (for the house spots-the $70 “non-residents” are not listed, but I’ve got you guys!):
    Me (jbaysurfer)
    Dutch Marc
    aliasptr +1
    NoKnees +1
    Bryce Kloster-Karakoram
    Tyler Kloster-Karakoram
    Ben (Sentury Snowboards) +2

    No Pets, and No Smoking in the house.

    We’ve got one spot left, first come first serve!

    Update: Snowing right now, more on the way…on top of a big snow year (460″ already!)

    Gear Swap: Please bring your used/extra gear for a gear swap, also bring some extra cash if you’re looking for any gear..the more gear the better, and I already know that several of us have several items to bring!

    Carpool: Shralph’s right, please carpool! Parking last year became pretty congested the 2nd night, and we’re gonna have a turnout that’s just as big. Save the gas, enjoy the stoke and ride with fellow splitters. There will be many people coming from/through the Bay Area, Sactown, Tahoe/Reno and several coming from San Diego, LA areas. Also, if you are driving, please be willing to bring passengers, and be prepared to be flexible about where you park.

    Screw Paypal..if you’ve already done it (Storn), NP, but I’m all for simplifying..bring cash, I’ll have a list to mark you off as you pay.

    Be sure to bring what you need for lunches, snacks, drinks, etc…since only dinners will be included. We’ll try to get together some basic breakfast staples too…but it won’t be anything fancy. Bring your own beer/booze too.

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    Im in

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    I’m super keen but have to sort out a small visa issue before i’m legally allowed to come and play. Prolly won’t have confirmation for another 3-4 weeks but will let you know asap.

    great to see the cali party kickin’ on! :thatrocks:

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    Not gonna happen for me. Ejumication getting in the way of fun :nononno: But if the snow is good I might make a last minute decision to cruise down Sat. night and ride Sun., maybe camp out. I’m sure it’s gonna be a hell of a good time!

    Rico in AZ
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    I just might make it out, but it would be a last minute kinda decision. If the house is all booked up I could just as easily camp it in my truck. But I’d be really stoked to get in on the food and maybe a shower to wash the stink off.

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    I may be brining the whole family (Wife daughter boyfriend ) . Jbay……no worries on the in house smoking. Last year the porch worked just fine

    WHERE THE HELL IS THE PEOPLE FROM OUT OF STATE ? doesnt anyone want to go for an Adventure? Or all you pussies affraid of the Big Bad East Side??

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    I’m in. Please tell me that is your daughter’s bf not yours Tex. 😆
    Once we’re in place I’m down to help out too. I don’t do talking on phones or clean toilets.
    JimW…would be rad to get the vans together man. You can show me how to rig up my mtb for travel. :thumpsup:
    PJ, Nat, Eco…want to see you all too.
    Should be rad. :thumbsup:

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    It will have to be a last minute decision for me.

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    Nice to add a couple more to the confirmed list. If any of you maybes are concerned about cost, remember, the more people we get the cheaper this thing becomes. The house sleeps 30 and then there’s the hot-tub, the deck, the showers the kitchen, the videos, the crack (the Irish version, not the Detroit version)…

    If we can max this place out it could be very affordable.

    Oh yeah, need you be reminded? We’re having an EPIC snow year! Come enjoy the Sierra at it’s best! :thatrocks:

    Oh yeah…can we get a couple newcomers, a couple more girls, and a couple other-staters to commit? Come see what us eastsiders dream about :drool:

    That’s as much of a hard sell as I got :thumpsup:

    holbyco…wtf? Do my wife and I need to adopt you? +vibes

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    yeah hook a brother up jbay! but just like mtnrider said, i don’t do phones or toilets. :thumpsup:

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    unfortunately i’m out – i’m already headed to the splitboard festival at Mt. Baker. and i’m headed to New Zealand later this summer that i’m trying to save up some money for.

    of course if it’s dumping i will most likely change my mind but for now, still working on training to run the 10k in my vibrams.

    please do make me very jealous by posting some awesome TRs (lifestyle photos included too)

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    Sadly, I am not in… I will be out of town for most of April but will be needing to kill it in May.

    Have fun. It is sounding like a good crew.


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    Sounds sick! Put me as pending, I’ll double check with the better half to ensure attendence.

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    Yeah….monk151 is coming :disco: :bananas: :disco:

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    I’m definitely in – gonna see about taking off thur/friday for sure but at worst I’m in for the weekend.

    Willing to help out with food stuffs etc.

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    Yep, Monk is in..and Granjero…you’re maybe is noted-but I personally am hopin for a confirmation on that shit. My favorite TR on the entire interwebs is here:

    Everyone do me a favor and make sure that everyone you know that might be interested in this trip is aware of the new link. Call, email, text…do whatever, just make sure everyone knows…let’s keep this shit going until BCR figures out what’s next.

    This thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8585

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    Hey, I’m going to have to bail on this which really sucks because I’ve never been down there and was really looking forward to checking it out. I just have too much going on up here with a heli trip and the MB Splitfest. Maybe next year!

    Anyway…..I added something about this to the MB Splitfest announcement page and added a link to this thread.

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    Sorry to hear this sketchy…I’m signed up for mt. baker too…but don’t know if I’m going to that (depends on snow conditions–it’s a long way to go for me).

    Thanks for helping keep the buzz going.

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    I’m looking forward to this, you can count me in.

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    I’m in, +1! 🙂

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