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    Another trip at Kagura, this time with some Verts picked up recently. Saw pretty heavy dumps the last few weeks in Niigata, but has been easing up the last few days, and today was a rare bluebird treat.

    Today would be hitting the north-face of Nakaone ridge.

    Switching into ski mode at the trailhead. Still need a bit more practice with the transition, but we’re getting there.

    Skinning up with some AT friends.

    Everyone talks about how much of a pain it is to traverse on a split, but it wasn’t that bad here..

    Just a bit more to the top.

    After climbing for an hour, lunch at Kagura-niwa. A guided-party was also there. The BC area here can get really popular on the weekends, since access is relatively easy.

    One of our crew riding down the north-face bowl.

    Some skier friends picking up the pieces after a massive air (and crash). We usually do laps here, but today decided to get home early. Verts would be perfect for this terrain.

    Traversing out to the resort, and a quick ride home.

    Overall a pretty sweet short trip. Japan has been getting hit with pretty heavy snow the past few weeks, so it was nice to see blue skies for a change. Verts worked really well for some short up-n-down sections that weren’t worth the effort to put on skins again. Will continue to explore more of this area before we start planning more remote outings in the spring.

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    nice tr, montoya! lots of snow in japan… so you see me envious…

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    Nice TR Montoya. Way to out there and get yours.

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    Way to go Montoya! It’s great to see some photos of your action over there…looks like Team Splitboard is getting some great turns in this season. 8)

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    Right on Montoya!

    It looks like you had some great conditions!
    Keep up the good work and the TRs coming”¦we love ‘em. 8)

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    Beautiful looking terrain. Great TR! 8)

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