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    yeah, burton drivers too. though neither are exactly step in crampon compatible, but at least they are moving in the right direction.

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    Thoughtful of them but it’s still only made for hiking the pipe. They look to have decent traction on the bottoms but they don’t look overly durable to me…as far as attachment to the boot in the toe area for kicking steps.

    As Dave mentioned too, if the crampons fit snap on…that would be tight but I’d like to see a little more reinforcement still.

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    anyone wearing the T1 ??
    I’m looking for a new boot and i like the fact that these actually have laces, so i can do something about it out in the bc if they break. how’s the durability?

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    I’m only familiar with the older T1 Cliker boots (non Vibram) bdub.

    Burton also offers a Vibram sole on the Driver X, it might be worth a look. I think I would prefer that over the new TI as I’m not a fan of BOA.

    Good luck!

    Ps. Ho was your big trip? No TR? 🙂

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    Don’t know about the 2006’s but my 2005 TI’s are headed for the trash, ski swap, whatever. Basically I get hot spots on almost every climb because of heel slop. If I tighten them to eliminate the slop my feet go numb but the heel slop continues.

    I figured the vibram soles meant they were set up for hiking; bad assumption I guess.

    Also they are very bulky, had to go way out on my strap bindings just to fit ’em in.


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