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    A buddy of mine had a K2 spitfire wide that he wanted to split and make the tail a little thinner then the nose to give it a little tapper. So we took a saw, a straight edge and got after it. In the end we took out 1″ from the tail and nothing from the nose.

    I think it should now be happily named a Splitfire

    Don’t over think it. Mark it, take a sip, setup a guide and…

    cut it! Don’t forget to always where eye protection…ok…do as I say, not as I do… 😉

    After cutting the ends with a grinder and cut off wheel it’s ready to be sanded down and sealed.

    Top side, no chips! Yea.

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    HA HA! Awesome!
    I’m always postin’ tellin’ guys to “put some taper in it”. Course it’s usually in jest.

    But way to go, looks like a great piece of work so far.

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    Not gonna lie… little sad about my Berthoud sticker…

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    Gunna have to follow up and show how it fit together after mounting. I’m goin got bet you’ll need to get into areas with a hand planer to make it line up nice. But looks good.

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    Got any pics of the finished product? If so did it require planing?

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    I’ll see if I can dig some up. I built up the inside edge with epoxy and then sanded it flat with a belt sander. It turned out pretty good and my buddy really likes it. It wasn’t much different than other boards I’ve done.

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    Nice work!

    Not gonna lie… little sad about my Berthoud sticker…

    “Pure Ature” has a nice ring to it, though. makes “Pure Adventure” sound a little clumsy. You just need to decide what it means now.

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