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    1st post – been a member since 2004, only now finally getting around to making a splitboard. I’ve been tele’ing for most of the last 10 years but not living in the mountains finally realised/admitted that I’d be far better on a splitboard than my Mt Baker’s for going downhill off the piste.

    The board is my old 1998 K2 Electra 167, seen plenty of use and a few patches in the base but still usable and should be a good length for me.

    The bindings are an equally ancient set of Burton Customs and they’re showing their age – ratchets floppy, straps worn, high back clamps broken, etc. so I’ve ordered a set of Spark Afterburners from, being forwarded to the UK by my lovely sister who lives in NY. To be fair the Tesla system is probably what pushed me to cut the board as it looks like a really elegant design. Also got Karakoram K-clips and tip-tale clips and Voile adjustable pucks on the way.

    Skil Saw and appropriately named 60 tooth blade…

    Last moments for the intact base…

    Taped-up and measured out. I used a carpenter’s marking gauge ( to find the centreline – worked well.

    Clamped to a wooden trestle ready for the cut.

    Job’s a good ‘un (but next time I’m wearing long sleeves and gloves, and a mask – still itching from the glassfibre)

    Little assistant is happy with the job.

    Goes together well (I know it’s not quite in-line), one of my better efforts with a saw!

    Pretty simple wood core and even better the electra damping units seem to have survived and still flash when I flex the board.

    Shortened and modded my BD GlideLite skins from my skis to fit the board. It’s not wall-to-wall but hopefully enough for the mellow slopes I tend to climb (mainly around the Italian dolomites – Suisi, Sesto, Gruppo Sella). Tip mod works well…

    Tail clip is a bit Heath Robinson – might either try my hand at making a shaped hook out of carbon fibre or mod the board to hold the clip in place.

    That’s it for now until the Afterburners and other bits arrive. I’ve also got some ski edge strip somewhere, I’m still debating whether to try and fit it – I’ll maybe try a dry-run on an old ski to see how tricky it is to do.



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    Nice work, you really don’t need the inside edge 99% of the time. But if you can you might as well. G-flex is the shit for inside edge repair (any repair really). DIY is still the best option IMHO, especially this year in AZ’s thin snow pack, endless board choses at reasonable prices.

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    Nice work Andy. Looking good!

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    Thanks both 🙂

    I’ve got a couple of weeks before the bindings, pucks, catches, etc. arrive so I’ve been playing around with a couple of Dremel bits on an old ski and have made a little jig that seems to make cutting the rebate and channel for fitting some edge pretty easy to do. I’ve given up trying to find the edge that I know I have *somewhere* and ordered some more from Luc at, so assuming I can get that to fit into the test ski OK, I’ll have a go on the board. I know it’s not really necessary, but hey, it keeps me busy until we head to the mountains (3 and a bit weeks).


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