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    Met up with Don from Ogden via (thanks!) and grabbed Erin and headed up Logan Peak. Satrted skinning at about 7:00, and four hours, four miles, and four and a half thousand feet later we were up top. The wind was ripping, and the snow was pretty crusty in spots. Spied our line, dug a pit up top with nice results (Only failure on hard compression in a new snow density inversion about a foot down) and ripped it up. Skinning out of the bowl was steep and hard, but we got back up top, changed ridgelines, found some nice snow, and rode back out to the car.
    Early Start for a college student

    Erin skinning in the morning sun

    Gettin up there

    Checkin lines

    Cold and windy

    Erin comin out the chute

    Our line is the one straight up from Erin

    Don looking back. So many lines…

    The view from the next ridge, GSL in the background

    Finally, A sheltered slope

    Headin’ home after a great day.

    Thanks Don and Erin.
    Lets do it again soon.

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    Yeah POWPOW… way to do it! Looked pretty sweet. Did you guys drop off the north side of Logan Peak? I’ve yet to ride that area. We were up there about a month ago and dropped in on some east facing slopes (Red Pine Ridge) but didn’t actually make it to the summit. Looked alot better than my weekend… we went small and rode the peak just south of Beaver Mountain. Pretty lame.
    Hey, way to keep my stoke going! Nice pics!

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    nice pics PPH! 8)

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    If you look in the pictures of all the chutes you can see the radio tower on top of the peak. These chutes are in the north bowl off the peak. The line we rode faces northwest. The sheltered slope we came out on drops from point 9098 on the south ridge of Logan Dry Canyon. I think people call it the goalposts. It consistantly holds great snow, and is some of the best tree skiing around.
    Where is red pine ridge boardergirl? And south of the beav, did you go up stump hollow or where? Lets see some TRs, the deep day was some awesome photos.

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    That Wasatch Don doesn’t mess around, he likes early starts and is not afraid of long slogs. I had the good fortune to have him show me around LCC a while back. I was spanked after a day trying to keep up.

    Nice shots.


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    Yeah, watch out for that Don guy he’s a bad mother…. and fun as hell to ride with. I had a blast letting him kick my arse around all over the Ogden Mountains. Great guy to ride with! 8)

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    Hey PowPow…
    We went up Stump Hollow on Saturday and dropped the north side towards the highway. Not one of our more exciting days out. But it was o.k. Red Pine Ridge is East (southeast) of Logan Peak. You actually drop towards Richards Hollow and White Bed Grounds. It’s a pretty fun little area. Not a very long ride though… I’ll try to stick a pic. in here. I still don’t know how to do that! I’ll put it on webshots if I can’t get it to work.
    Your lines down GoalPosts looked pretty sweet. My husband and I were actually thinking about heading up there tomorrow. I think most of the snow is probably getting pretty hammered by now, with the high pressure and all.
    I saw your post about Wasangelos… Makes me glad that I’ve only crossed my own tracks this year too! Big mountains, but I’ll take the solitude over that any day. We won’t share too much about No. Utah with the rest of the world!
    Have a great weekend!

    p.s. Yeah… so I think I’m computer illiterate and my pics didn’t work. So, here’s the link to webshots. Sorry!

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    One of those pictures shows somebody riding what appears to be Bomber Trench Diggers on a splitboard. Is this true?

    I normally ride a carving board, but for backcountry it’s all about softboots. I could never kick/surf turns through powder in hardboots, I tried a few times and just gave up!


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    Both PPH and I are wearing AT boots with the Voile Mtn-Plate bindings. Bomber makes a binding for split use but I haven’t tried it. My boots are Scarpa F1s


    Rico in AZ
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    Nice guys! Hmmm, maybe I should have let my girlfriend take that job in Ogden… 8)

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