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    I’ll be touring in the alpine if Patrol gives clearance this weekend. If ya wanna hook up gimme a shout.
    I may be able to make wed next week, I’m full the rest of the midweek w work


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    Great meetup, thanks for hosting!
    I’ll host the next one at my place.
    After we get new snow this weekend I’ll be splitting the resort Sunday and throughout the week if anyone wants to come up.

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    @penzer wrote:

    After we get new snow this weekend

    I like your conviction. I will join you on this snow next week for sure.

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    Ill be in whistler starting the 26th! lets shred

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    Anyone interested in a Christmas Day short tour out of Blackcomb or Whistler? I’m in the village. Would be nice to burn some calories before ingesting a bunch more at dinner!

    – Tony

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    hey just made it up here finally!

    Snow doesn’t look so good on the resort side! Anybody riding splits this weeks?

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)

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