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    We adopted a 14mo old Karelian bear dog X about a month ago as a stray from a rescue network. She’s been awesome so far and loves to adventure. It’s been pretty hot for her mountain biking, but I got a day away from the farm yesterday to get her out on my monthly off season split mission. We headed up Brandywine near Whistler, my ususal sled ground in the winter season but had the place to ourselves yesterday. Still about 1.5-2m of snow on north aspects in the sub/alpine. We got a roughly 1000′ run on soft sun cups that was pretty sweet for this time of year! No complaints and was great to get out for the first mission with my new split buddy – her stoke was higher than mine. Only iPhone pics yesterday, it was hot and I traveled fast and light!

    Anyone else want to share some pics of their dogs splitting?

    christoph benells




    My dog almost always come out with me. Sadly, he passed away a couple years back 🙁


    @raym wrote:

    My dog almost always come out with me. Sadly, he passed away a couple years back 🙁

    Really sorry to hear that… 😥 I’m sure he had a very happy and fulfilling life.


    I have a 5-year-old wooly Malamute. We don’t have a splitboard, but she does love to go play in the snow with me.


    Pack it in pack it out

    freeze ur paws off

    Scope ur line

    and go big


    Sweet!! I love touring (and biking) with dogs. It is fun to experience their joy and excitement–at least until they wear themselves out. LOL.


    Rescued a Husky from a place here in S Korea recently and I cant wait to take her on some split tours when we get back stateside. Shes got a ridiculous amount of energy. Im sure shes gonna make an awesome tour partner

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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