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    Mike trying to hide from the camera…

    Apparently my appetite for corn was not satisfied after the 3 day harvest on Adams. Still hungry, I pulled up to the first hairpin around 9ish to find Ronj, Marco, Mike, CW and son gearing up for a line off Dege Peak.

    Here’s a pic after our run…

    The hike on the trial went quick with views of Rainier along the way. A cool breeze and some shade provided relief from a baking sun. Before long we all found ourselves dropping in making some turns.




    After a quick boot out it was back to the cars to the main lot to check out some other potential lines off Sourdough ridge. We checked out this chute and that chute. Fear Factor had a serious rock factor to negotiate.

    Here’s Ronj the goat…

    Too many landmines or shark fins to snag…okay to the next one right over there…

    Or that one over there…

    Eventually CW and son found their line while the rest of us took a run down Huckleberry. This time we had an audience. Ron dropped in first to get in position for some pictures. Before Ron could put his camera away the crowds were gone. The crowds always seem to provide some sort of entertainment, usually in the form of banter. Why you carrying skis and a board? Because it’s a hell of a lot easier than climbing down those chutes.

    After descending we booted out climbers right to take a peek at another line. And just like that Marco, Mike, Ronj and I found more turns to be had. Our last line would take us just below a saddle with a trail at the top that leads downhill to our cars. But not before a couple hundred foot boot up this steep slope. I should have known better to go with all skiers. Bwahahaha! Marco I swear you put that uphill traverse track in so you could watch me traverse uphill on a board. No problem since I can manipulate gravity. My calves thank you very much. Thanks for putting the boot track between you and Mike though. 😀

    Ronj, Marco and I ended the day looking at the pictures taken over a frosty beverage at the Nachees.

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    This one looks tasty!

    Cool to see you hooked up with ronj too! 8)

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