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    Hi all,

    This is my first post on here and as of yet I have not experienced the delights of splitboarding however after spendig a few days hiking in deep snow in japan and then having to lug snow shoes around on the way down I have decided that next year I am going to try a splitboard. As I am a bit of a cheapo I am hoping to pick up a board in the sales this year. I have looked at several reviews and compared the tech specs and have narrowed my choice down to the Jones mountain twin split or maybe a solution (although I think the solution may be more than I need for what I plan to ride). My only real reservation with choosign a Jones is that thsi year I have been riding this seasons hovercraft and whilst I have been blown away by its powder performance I have been left a little dissapointed with the quality of the base. It seems to have taken the abuse that I have dished out quite badly and despite it only seeing a few solid days use the base looks in far worse condition than any of my other boards (all Libtech) which have all seen way more action. The base somehow feels kind of soft almost like you can make a bit of an indent with a fingernail.

    If I am gonna shell out split money I would hope to get a board that will last a good many days. I have read a reasonable amount of bad feedback on here and other places about Jones build quality but as of this year it is supposed to have improved. Does anyone else have issues with this years mountain twin or solution or any other feedback.

    Thanks in advance :thumpsup:

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    Hey there!

    I am a new mountain twin 160 owner and it seems to be pretty strong- I do live in the rocky mountains so it has seen some scratches none of which have gone to the core so I would say that I have seen softer base materials used.. Jones just changed the warranty to 3 years so I had to jump that deal.. Its build quality is a 6-10 in my book, but the board is solid. I wouldn’t worry about it in the deep fluff you have.

    Matt Wood
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    Why not get a Mervin split? That’s just the devout Mervin guy in me talking 😆

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    We have quite some Jones boards… ’13 Flagship, ’14 Solution, Womens Solution, Carbon Flagship and Mothership. No quality issues so far. On contrary, base and topsheets feel solid. Also the wooden topsheet of Flagship and Mothership are very solid (I’ve read bad feedback on older models as well, but I assume they solved that issue). I’m mostly astonished by the base. Very resistant. Had hit many rocks where I expected to find deep scare but only found minor scratches.

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    Thanks for all the feedback.

    It is all positive which is what I waas hoping to here. Apart from the slight reservation regarding the base quality I have been really happy with the hover. I am most likely being a bit over precious with it and maybe abused it a bit more than I admit to myself.

    cometogether: How do you find the ride of the Mountain Twin, more specifically its powder performance? Does it ride a bit bigger than a standard 160 due to the blunt nose? Have you ever ridden a Solution to compare it to? Was thinking the Solution may be too stiff and directional for my riding preference.

    Matt Wood: I am also a devout mervin fan, my last 7 boards have been Lib and I even bought a GNU for my other half this year and I have no complaints at all. The only reason I am straying this time is that neither of the splits they are offering at the mo are really what I am after. I am a little dubious of the C2 for skinning especially as I will be new to it so will need all the help I can get. The T-rice is centred and I was looking for something with some set back. I love the Billy Goat but it seems a tad narrow for something that I hope to be tackling a lot of powder on. If they did a Lando Phoenix split with C3 I would be all over it…. Maybe I should wait and see what they release next year.

    Thanks again all

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