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    Awesome, thanks Dylan!!


    Awesome vid! I think I’ve got a Hovercraft solid and split in my future next year.


    i’ve ride my first powder board this winter in niseko.
    Is a Japan brand
    i’ve ride 3dx-1, 6cm of setback, fish profile, 3d nose (something like TBT but only under the nose) and obliviously powder rocker.
    I’ve understand that i must have a specific deep powder board:D

    My questions on jones hovercraft are:
    has a really fast base?
    is a light board (mhmm maybe some comparision with some other board? have someone a volkl selecta and can compare with this?)?
    between trees is reactive on direction change or the “big” waist is a limit?

    Thank’s to everyone answer me:D



    @tiltedworld wrote:

    I haven’t ridden this board yet, but I am liking the design a lot. The 56 seems too short though. I know it has a ton of float, but it reminds me too much of the original Burton Fish design. Lightning quick and accelerating quickly. But also it was squirrely at speed and god forbid you needed to ride it on hardpack. That was largely because of the nose and excessive taper, but I also hated dropping things on a board that short and far set back. It just “felt” too short. When the 60 was intro’d it was a world better. Then the Malolo 62 made it even better with less taper than the fish. The Hover seems to address the taper and edge hold, but I can’t help to think the 56 will “feel” short. But a 60 next year with similar nose rocker might be right up my alley.

    Pre-ordered the 60 after seeing the overall dimensions are very minimally different. The board is super wide to begin with and the 60 is only 4mm wider for 4cm in length. I know I’ll feel much more comfortable on the 60 than the 56.

    Now I have something to look forward to in early Sept as I play with setting up my wife’s Rx/Blaze combo that came this week. :thumpsup:


    Can I have your Winterstick then? I think you may need to check into EBA (equipment buyers anonymous)…


    LOL, no… C’mmon, I’m getting along famously now with my Winterstick. I’m not in love with it yet, but she’s becoming more like the girl next door that just got rid of her coke bottle glasses and night guard braces. It’s just taking some time to become the new hottie :drool: It’s the K bindings I have no love for b/c of the adjustment issue.

    The Hover is going to be my new pow solid, not a split, and is replacing a 6yo Malolo, which I’m selling cheap, still has a lot of days in it…

    As for EB anonymous…well maybe…I just go in 4-5 year spurts of equipment rotation and this next season is a big one, replacing both solids (one becoming a DIY split for when I travel east) and a split for my wife. We both need boots and gloves too. Can’t forget some sort of binding change for the WS too, 😆

    Last year I sold my slowshoes and short skis to help fund the split addition, seems like a fair trade. 🙂


    I had a lot of fun riding a solid hovercraft for a few days last season. I was thinking it will make a great splitboard, and I was planning to pick one up. The other day I saw the catalog sneak-peak, and found out about the flip/flop manufacturing process:

    Jones Snowboards use Flip-Flop base colors to cut down on material waste – the scraps from one base color are used to make the base color of another. Because of the complexity of the Flip Flop base production process, dealers will receive a random assortment of base colors for each model and size. We cannot guarantee every dealer will receive every base color nor can we accept orders for specific base colors. If you pre-order a board you’ll just have to rejoice in the surprise when it arrives!

    That’s great and all, but, as I understand it, some of the bases are mostly white. What if, on the very small chance, someone ends up upside down attached to the board needing help, while the white base blends in with the snow? Visibility is important. (sorry for the dull post / consumerist thrunt, but I wasn’t sure where else to bring this up).


    Anyone else notice the on the Jones website they only list the Hovercraft as a 156????

    Is the 160 still an option??


    @dmwdenver wrote:

    Anyone else notice the on the Jones website they only list the Hovercraft as a 156????

    Is the 160 still an option??

    That is last years model. The website has not been updated yet. Check out the blog for the 2012 models


    Split only comes in a 156 though.


    Hi all! New to the forum and a question.. Has anyone experience of making DIY split out of last season Hovercraft? I’ve been thinking of starting my splitboarding with that, if you have advice or experiences to share of splitting Hovercraft, I appreciate a lot.

    Anyways, to the topic, The Hovercraft has been great board to ride!


    Hi all,

    I just pulled the trigger on a Burton Split Fish156, and am wondering if I should return it for a 2016 Hovercraft Split for about $120 more. On top of that I weigh in at 180lbs, so probable 200+ with all gear. According to the Jones site i am just at the max weight recommendation for the 156. I’d like a nimble board for trees in Norway (just like my Salomon Derby 151) so I’m torn between 156 and 160. 158 would be ideal.

    I need to pull the trigger soon, so any recommendations will help.

    Fish or Hovercraft ???
    156 or 160. ?????

    Thanks all, Tony

    P.S.: I know this is a really old thread.


    Oh yeah,

    I sure dig the channel canted pucks on the Fish. But that will not be the deciding factor .


    Honestly @chewbacca, you a fretting over a very small change to overall length. 4cm is nothing minimal. Its literally 2.5% longer, and I highly doubt you will notice much difference in the ride in a negative way. Second, the weight range for Jones split is up to 180. With gear, you are over that, so go to 160 where it says up to 210. If they made a 162 or 164 I’d probably say get that. I personally am 155lbs (175 with gear), and I ride a 162 furberg no problem, and just got a Prior 162 slasher (which I haven’t rode, but its going to be sick!). If I was in your shoes, I would easily go 160 and not fuck around with a 156. Its a pow board, you want it for FLOAT! Those overhead days you don’t want to be submarining under the snow, freaking out as you continually get pummeled in the face with the deepest snow of your life.

    In short, absolutely go 160.


    Thanks summerisgone,

    I was mostly worried about tree maneuverability. I really like how my short (151) Derby performed there. 162 has been my goto length all my snowboarding life since 1989. I was recently a bit disappointed in my K2 Panoramic in that respect only. Of course that was late season sierra cement, but still.

    So that is what it will be, 160.

    Thanks, Tony


    I finally got out on my Hovercraft. This board ROCKS!!

    I got a good deal on last season’s model and am not regretting it a bit. This board is a blast from the first turn and litrally unsinkable, the hype is true!

    Only thing is the base seem kind of soft, I had one not so major stone contact, and it went straight to the graphics.

    Otherwise killer board!

    thanks for the advice!


    I have a first year Nidecker made Hovercraft, i was saving to buy a split set up that year, then won a Solution splitboard and Spark Blaze at the Jones Deeper premiere. So I turned that money I was saving into a Hovercraft, I have owned 4 pow shapes, and have resold most, because none of them work as well as my Hovercraft

    My love head wound and your free head wound
    Don't know but I even wanna try to be

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