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    Greetings from Switzerland!

    Does anyone have one of these bags? I am looking for some feedback.

    I can’t decide between the Jones 30L RAS or ABS vario + zip on option.

    The Jones seems like a great pack but 30L is maybe a little short on storage for me (especially since it looks like the RAS takes up some space). The Evoc 40L zip on looks quite good but am concerned with the A-frame ski carry options and board carry options for the snowboard – are they any good?.

    Any other options for the ABS I have missed? I need at least 30L, A-frame and board carry options (needs to be quite wide as my Prior Kyber seems very wide and my previous Dakine board carry straps weren’t wide enough – anyone else found this?) would be great for those times it gets too steep to skin up. Thanks all.

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    I’ve used the abs vario all last season and in south america this summer for day tours as well as some winter camping. I have the 15 and 40l compartments. For me 15l is a great single day tour size, room for shovel, probe, saw, water, and puffy in the compartment closest to my back and the second compartment hold significantly less but gets the job done for lunch, avy notebook and other odds and ends. The setup came with lots of extra adjustable straps so I’ve experimented with many board carry setups. For a boot pack with this I prefer using a voile strap to attach my board (161 carbon solution) in ski mode and rig a diagonal carry. I’ve just never been a fan of the up/down carry. There is a loop for 1 ice axe on the 15l and 3 section poles attach well using the extra straps as you would for up/down board carry. The 40l is my go to for overnights or if we think we will need extra gear. I’ve taken it on solo camping missions with sleeping bag, hammock, split, stove, food, etc. and there was just enough room for what I wanted to bring. I have a tendency to over pack on my solo missions though. I used the side carry for the board with boots in the bindings and feel like its been a good bag. For me the 40l shines when you take a winter camping trip with a few people and can split up gear. Plenty of room regardless if I get stuck with cooking supplies, tent, or poles. On hut trips in south america I had to attach my foam pad to the outside of the pack but thats common practice. I like the way this pack feels on my frame 5′ 8″ 150, super comfy. Hope that helped a little.

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    Thanks very useful – just to clarify, this is the abs 40l bag you are talking about amd not the evoc right?

    What is the voile strap you are talking about and how do you rig it to the pack?

    I think you are like me in that you overpack for solo missions 😆

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    Yes that was the ABS 40l I was referring to. If you search the internet for Voile ski strap you’ll come across what I’m talking about there. The way I set it up you don’t actually use the voile strap to affix your board to the bag. I set up the board in ski mode and use the voile strap to affix them together with the base of each side touching. after they are attached to each other I use 2 adjustable straps (that come with the pack) to rig a diagonal carry system. I do this by using the one strap on the loops that are on the right side of the pack and one on the left. Either side can act as your top or bottom depending on which side you want your tails to hang down on.

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    I’ve been liking the Jones RAS. I got it because I can switch the airbag between packs or take it out and use the bag without it. The pack is almost identical to their non RAS bag. Big hip pockets, back panel access, great board/ski carry options (A-frame is probably not recommended if you plan on using the airbag but you can do it). Carries well and is relatively lightweight. The materials are very durable. I used the non RAS pack last year quite a bit and had no problems with durability.

    It is however short on space. The airbag and canister do take up a fair amount of space in the pack. I can fit a waterbottle, skins, gloves, and a puffy but not much else. I also don’t know why they bothered with the goggle pocket because the airbag negates this function.

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    Thanks. That doesn’t sound like much stuff to be honest. I think I need more space.

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    If you are looking for an airbag with more carrying capacity, have you checked out Mystery Ranch’s BlackJack?
    Both the options you mentioned require two separate purchases (Jones + RAS -or- Vario base unit + zip on).

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    Rather go for the Mammut PAS (not RAS) system!
    Airbag around your neck (–> mechanical protection!), A-Frame possible, lightweight, interchangeable.

    (Link in German, assuming, that you can read that, being from Switzerland)

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    Sorry to butt in. I don’t have a huge amount if experience but I thought I’d mention the 40l Dakine Altitude bag I bought last year at the same time as my ABS Vario base. Another member did a great review here: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=15010

    You may well have already exluded it from your list. I like it but have nothing to compare it to! Bonus for me was the included non-ABS back plate for summer hikes.

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