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    Hello Splitters, I am about to split my first board tomorrow. Its an old Burton Bullet with the burton diamond pattern. I’m a little nervous about keeping a steady hand through the inserts so I am thinking of rigging up a jig.

    I have read pretty much all of the DIY threads, and several people mention using a jig. I was curious to see some pictures of what some people have come up with. I have access to a band saw, circular saw, table saw, and a jig saw. Any thoughts on what I should use and why would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Tom

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    What i did for a jig was cut/ bend and weld a piece of angle to the profile of the snowboard then bolted it to the binding holes.Used a bandsawand guided it along the angle the taper the board.

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    I clamped a straight edge to the snowboard and ran a circular saw down it to get a straight line. Worked pretty well but I had to run the saw down the nose by hand because the straight edge did not bend

    I would use a circular saw or table saw, not a band or jig saw. You want a long, straight cut. that’s not was a band saw or jig saw are meant to accomplish.

    oh, and make sure you cut through the edge on the back end of your cut before you start. it will rip out.

    I have a video of cutting my board. Will post it here shortly

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    i just cut a burton the other day

    i tried this with a jigsaw and theblade wandered. this setup would be good with a circular saw though.

    so i had to move to this on the table saw

    to fix my jigsaw zigzag i pintailed the board a bit (thx to InTheMountains, he gets his way afterall 🙂 )

    i like my toggle clamp board, i think i’ll be using it in the future.

    anyway your board is prolly cut by now, but i thought i’d add to the jig pics

    oh and i’ve seen vapors cut with the bandsaw, its decent

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    thanks libtechsplit.cutting through the inserts on burtons do pose certian problems. having a blade that will cut through the insert that doesnt heat it up by running too fast.
    adding an inside edge to mine i ended up with a small gap in the front of the board but that was more of a fitup/assembly issue.

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    @libtechsplit wrote:

    to fix my jigsaw zigzag i pintailed the board a bit (thx to InTheMountains, he gets his way afterall 🙂 )

    Make sure you let us know how it works out in the snow.

    didn’t realise I was that persuasive…or did I just wear you down?

    and now…how ’bout makin’ it snow a bit…


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